Campbell’s, Cutting Out Quality For Quantity

Disappointed in Campbell’s. If I wanted cream of potatoe soup I’d buy that! Costco only had flats of ‘ORGANIC CREAM OF MUSHROOM’, but after cooking with it, realized something was amiss. So I read their ingredient list to see that their ingredient list has been updated to not only include their wheat and corn fillers, but now potatoe flower as well. DO NOT BUY unless you understand how this changes how you cook, and secondly why pay for organic expensive ingredients, to have second rate ingredients mixed in.

Cosplay doesn’t have to be expensive –

You just have to be willing to put a bit more of yourself into it, and be willing to network to those around you who have same passion and desire to see this outfit shine. Most of my outfits are handcrafted, or pieced together with old clothing articles and repurposed household items. Example: currently I am saving all my can lids to someday build a dalek replica, and in another box, I have collected random objects to build a machine that goes ‘ding’.

On one last note, always remember to test your costume by walking, sitting, crouching, standing, (and especially in ladies costumes, to ensure no slippages) raise arms above head. Do this for at least an hour before deciding it’s show worthy. Then you can run around being your favorite character to your hearts content. 🙂

Here’s a video detailing a few other common things people seem to get wrong in regards to cosplay:

Shutterstock Set – Campsis radicans ie Trumpet creeper vine

Closeup shots of the trumpet creeper vine, flowers and buds. Got a couple ants to pose in as well!