Arcade Audio Lounge

Tired of being drooled all over by super drunk douches? Try Arcade, the chillest hot-spot of Kelowna’s raver scene! Store by day, dance floor by night, this unique setup features flashing lights, smoke creators and antique arcade machines that will capture your soul and make you dance the night away!

Clean Pj’s or ripped jeans?

So we’re walking out of Doc’s the other night, and a half cut lady in her mid forties asks Todd in disgust ‘Why are you wearing pajamas? And a tail??’ To which he responded almost immediately ‘Why are you wearing ripped jeans? Did you rip them yourself doing hard work?’ Taken aback, she collected her thoughts to respond a few seconds later with, ‘Why yes! I do stretches!’ and proceeded to model her ‘stretching’ for us.

My sides still hurt from laughing the whole way home, what do you think friends? Bright pink pajamas, (which are really a cozier form of pants) which are clean and not hole to be seen, or jeans, holding their holes together with one string on one side and two on the other….

The Curious Cafe

“This is a curious cafe, as in the fact that it curiously doesn’t let you order a muffin, bagel or a coffee without sitting down.  I was greeted with a smile by a lady sweeping outside, to whom I directed my question if I could get a bagel to go.  She responded sweetly with a yes, but when I went inside, it was like stepping into an alternate universe, where I was greeted by the Hyde. ‘Um, no, you have to sit down to order, why do you only want a bagel?’ was the tart response I received. Well my lovely, be it known that you have lost my business, and so far since telling this story, at least 10 more.”