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Slow service appears to be a bi-product of limited space and staff, as when there is a reasonable line, orders are put through quite quickly. Not sure if this is just a new recipe, but the fries just don’t taste the same.


Artist Callum Matthers!

Hey all!

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine who has a unique way of playing some of your favorite Celtic tunes! Using Ableton and a variety of pipes, he puts together quite the show!

Here is a video of him performing at Muninn’s Post here in Kelowna!

To book him for an event, support or see more of his work, click below!



Looking forward to working with this artist in the future!!!

Correct Colleague Nomenclature Within Written Communication

As someone who has a short term memory for names, technology is my best friend, putting the answers right at my fingertips. But even with this amazing tool, a professional courtesy is majorly overlooked. – the proper spelling of a colleague’s name.

Many times we seem to only care if the person is a customer or beneficiary, but your colleagues deserves that respect to, especially considering that most communication systems within companies require you to enter their name to find them to message!

I understand misspelling, but constant lower case and missing letters is just carelessness.  All I ask is that you please take a few more moments of your day to respect the people you work with, so we can make tomorrow a better world!

Dakota Boots

Hey construction friends,

Did you know that Dakota Boots are made by a different company than Dakota Outerwear?

In the past four years my boyfriend Todd has gone through three pairs of $250 quad-comfort Dakota’s, and all three have had the sole separate from the rest of the boot. He wears Dakota jackets and rain-gear purchased four years ago that are are in great condition (besides one broken zipper due to him shoving a nail-bar in a pocket that isn’t meant for nail-bars).

It was news to both of us to find out that Dakota boots are not made by the same company. After Todd couldn’t find a website for the maker of the boots, and upon further investigation, it seems that they are made by Mark’s Work Warehouse to break about a month after their 100 day warranty is up.

Only bright side I see is go ‘Lease’ yourself a pair of these puppies, and bring them back in before the 100 day warranty!