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This location is super busy, so remember to always check your order before driving away!!! Ordered two Dave’s single and a french fry, ended up being billed and give only one Dave Single and a French fry. Food was good though, so a few stars.


Easy Ankle Warmers

I ended up with one leg warmer, so I divided it into a pair of ankle warmers! I forgot to take a before pic, however the idea is pretty simple.

You’ll note there are 14 little puffballs on this piece, 7 on each side.

I cut it on an angle, allowing 7 on each half.

Then I hemmed it with a zig zag. This could also have been done with a serger or a blind hem, but as it is knit, this easy job blends well.


This plant grows in my backyard in Vernon, British Columbia. I started researching what uses it had, and to my surprise, I found out that there are more then just a poisonous Sumac! (As you can see, my yard can be a bit of a desert, so this is not the kind that grows in a marsh.)

The benefits of Sumac have a wide range-from anti-fibrogenic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimalarial, antimicrobial, antimutagenic, antioxidant, antithrombin, antitumorigenic, antiviral, cytotoxic, hypoglycaemic, leukopaenic and atheroprotective effect, strong in anticarcinogenic Tannins, and has a potent antioxidant which protects humans against oxidative DNA-damage. It also has promising Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic properties, which have yet to be tested on humans.(Reference)

The leaves, flowers, bark and roots all have their own properties too!

  • Sumac Leaves – Infusion of sumac leaves is used for treating asthama, diarrhea and stomach disorders. A poultice of sumac leaves is used to treat skin rash, sore gums and sore lips.
  • Sumac flowers – Decoction of sumac flowers used to treat flatulence, indigestion, eye wash
  • Sumac bark and roots – Infusion used as tonic, treat fever, increase breast milk in feeding mothers, treat hemorrhoids
  • Sumac berries – Decoction of sumac berries used to treat diabetes, constipation, women disorders, coolant, bed wetting, other bladder disorders, Treat cough, asthma, fever, diabetes, ulcer, pain


I myself have been harvesting the berries and making wine, then I take the crushed berries, dry them out, and am left with a delicious lemon-berry tea!

I hope you find this information beneficial, please let me know in the comments your experiences with this plant.

On a side note, keep checking my FB Store as I hope to have some sumac tea available, though it will be in limited quantities!

Salt Scam

Some days, I like a cup of warm salt water, and on one of these such days, I used some ‘Himalayan Salt’. But as the pink dissolved into a film on the top and the salt itself dissolved layer of particles and dirt in the bottom, I started doing some research.

Photo-2016-10-15 05_26Photo-2016-10-15 05_26 (1)

I came across this article, which is full of misinformation, but it lead me to this, which has some interesting stats and information on how Himalayan salt is found mined and how to determine if you’re buying the real thing.

I found reference to a spectral analysis of this salt, in this article but as it points out ‘If you read down the list of minerals, you will notice that it includes a number of radioactive substances like radium, uranium, and polonium. It also includes substances that act as poisons, like thallium. I wouldn’t be worried, since the amounts are so small; but if anyone believes the trace amounts of “good” minerals in Himalayan sea salt are good for you, why not believe the trace amounts of poisons and radioactive elements are bad for you?’

On the flip side, I think we should be asking ourselves how ‘good’ really are the trace amounts of minerals?

While I don’t believe Himalayan salt in itself is a scam, as it is a higher quality then your normal salt, but the claims surrounding it’s extra properties are blown out of proportion. My research also indicates that the other salts that may be better for you, depending on your levels of iodine.

Well now what Sarah?? Thought I was having healthy good salt!! Well, I’m not leaving without sharing my solution. After years of searching for a salt that actually tasted right, I ran across Avena’s Pristine Sea Salt. Not trying to promote any company here, but their salt is by far the best I have tasted, and can fulfill a salt craving properly.

Other Articles of Reference:




Harley Quinn Cosplay

A siren from the DC Comics, based this character first made her debut back in 1992, when creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm decided that it was too bizarre for the Joker himself to jump out of a pop out cake. He ended up doing anyways, but not before they had made a female sidekick/love interest. The inspiration for her costume came from Dinn’s college friend Arleen Sorkin, who performed a dream sequence wearing a jester costume in Days of Our Lives.  Because of their history, Dinn easily incorporated aspects of her personality into the character. Quinn was also inspired by a mutual female friend’s “stormy but nonviolent relationship”, according to Timm.

A former psychiatrist falling in love with the thing she was trying to cure – utter madness. This character gives us insight into a twisted side of human nature, and shows us how easy it is to slip into this tunnel of madness. 





While most photos are taken by others, all edits are done personally unless otherwise described.




Beware of CRA Scam

Hello my dear internet friends,

If you ever receive a phone call from the CRA with an automated voice asking you to give them personal info or call them, make sure you know it’s them! A quick google search will identify the number that has called you, and better yet, go to the CRA’s website and use their listed phone numbers.
A few numbers I’ve run across claiming to be CRA:

Searching with Aliexpress

So you’ve found a really cheap item, or read my article “Don’t Pay Marked-Up Shipping or Prices”!! Let’s make sure you’re getting the best deal!

First, Use Google’s Reverse Image Search.


Drag your mouse over the most descriptive part of the item name, right click, copy, or CTRL+C. If you’re using WISH and there is a login menu over-top of what you want to see, read this post for how to bypass.


Go to https://www.aliexpress.com/ and click into the search bar. Right click paste or CTRL+V into the search bar.


When you press search, you may not find the exact description – Never fear this is all part of the process! Scroll through the results, and try the searches that look like they match.


For example, I selected the top most search.


I then filter my results by Price –


– and select Free Shipping. (Without this option, you will see prices that will seem cheaper, but when you add in the shipping, costs just as much as the ones with Free shipping. If you can’t find the item with Free Shipping ON, deselect this option.)


Now that you’ve found the cheapest item, select the color, size and quantity. Many suppliers now include sizing info, but if this option is not available, many suppliers have a chart at the bottom of their item or on their main page, so be sure to check there. Make sure it fits!


Then you’ll want to ensure there isn’t a mobile deal available!


Sometimes these deals can cut the price in half –


– or vice versa as in this case, so be sure if if you’re searching on your phone, to check a computer before completing your order!


There have been reports of people having their credit card info skimmed when using this site. Ever since their newest update, this appears to have stopped, as the last news report/ blog article I can find was early 2017. I have never experienced this, possibly as I check all suppliers comments and reviews. Use your brain, does it look sketchy? It probably is!

One last note, the prices in the tutorial screenshots above are in US funds, except the last one which was on the phone app, which I had defaulted to Canadian Funds. To change this on a browser simply hover over the ‘Ships to’ menu and select the correct Currency.


Happy Searching!!!