Video-Games = The New Parent?

The next time I hear a parent complain about how their child never listens to them or how they can’t tell them no, I’m going to point out an AI does their job better.

Yes that’s right, our generation is being raised by video games instead of television. At least with video games these kids stand a better chance of tackling the world then those of the generation before who were cooped up and sent to their room to stay out of the way and watch cartoons. Many games today are so realistic, it not only provides an escape, it allows you to learn useful things, such as how to use your imagination and survive.

From creating your own garden and learning how cycles work, to building a crazy fort and learning about physics (or that particular games version of physics), math and science of varying levels are being used in ‘real life’ situations where the information will stick far better then in a classroom.

Well I can’t get my kid to do anything!! So, you’re telling me your kid plays in a simulator dreaming about life all day, and you can’t get him to do anything?? Yes, I know some of the games that include racing and any first person shooter are off the table for real life, but when your kid is playing Minecraft for days on end, I feel for the little guy. I love Minecraft, I play it when I can’t build the thing I want in real life. Kids are creative, kids want to build and do things, but they are often met with 1 no materials in this day and age, and 2 a slew of inconsistent rules which makes them not even want to try. Parents, if you say no once, keep it that way, or explain why it’s a yes now. Same for saying yes. Stop buying them things hoping to win their affection and take them out to play. That’s all we wanted – our parents to play with us, not to shove us away in hopes we’d entertain ourselves, and to know we were safe, and a safe world includes rules.

But you’re in a virtual environment where anything is possible! How can this be better than me?! I hate to break it to ya, but all these games have rules, meaning your child gets told no everyday without throwing a tantrum – granted, there are cheat codes, but if you want to stay in the ranks with your buddies, you’ll have to keep those off, or get really good at programming and go in and change the game itself, which would be a feat worth congratulating, but as most games now have a cloud they sync up with, many in real-time, makes this near nigh to impossible. So not only are there rules, but there is incentive to follow them.

If our generation isn’t taught the rules, how are they expected to follow them? A game will teach you the rules, and it’s up to you to follow them. The real world nor the game world doesn’t take ‘I didn’t know’ as an answer. My question for you is, are you going to let an AI set the rules, or you?

Don’t Use Quora – Access to your Google Searches

I made a google search yesterday, and the hair on my neck rose when I received this email this morning at 10:49 am:

Stories from your activity
Which dual rear camera combo will do a better photography, 16/5 or 12/12 or any other?

Shivam Trivedi

Shivam Trivedi, I am a mobile photographer.
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The answer is 12 + 12.

Primary justification:

Here you can see that both sensors have 12MP capabilities. I mean if you are using the combination with a telephoto lens as the …

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What is the difference between Mobile camera MP and DSLR camera MP?

Arjun Sreekumar

Arjun Sreekumar, i love photography
Written Oct 1, 2016

There is no difference.

Both denote the size of the image that the camera can produce in pixel terms.

For example, 4000pixel heigh and 3000pixel wide image means its a 12MP i…

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While Nikon is offering 24 MP cameras why is Canon stuck in an 18 MP age? When will Canon give consumers cameras with lots of MP?

Joseph Finkleman

Joseph Finkleman, former Professional Photographer (1968-2017)
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Firstly over 10–16 mp is overkill. Secondly the practical difference between 18–24 mp is nearly nil. Thirdly the noise problem increases as more MP get crammed into a finit…

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Why is the front camera of lesser resolution (megapixels) than the rear camera?

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The front camera has been a lower resolution, traditionally, for two reasons.

Go back a decade or so and there was no front camera in most smartphones. And yeah, there were …

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A quick Google Search revealed this has happened to others:

I refuse to now use Quora, they have access to your Google Searches, and for those of you who don’t read geek, it’s worded as ‘Analytics Tools. We may use internal and third party analytics tools, including Google Analytics.’ This sneaky practice just makes my blood boil. Please beware friends.


Watch Out For Cyclists – IE Dangerous Driver Report

Please watch bike lanes and sidewalks for bicyclists. You don’t know if construction or other extenuating circumstances has closed the other side of the street so their on the wrong side of the road. It’s not easy being a cyclist. I get almost hit DAILY. This is completely unacceptable in a world so far advanced. Cyclist friends in Kelowna beware. I drive and bike, so I’m always on the lookout for them. If this isn’t you, take on a ride to work challenge so you can at least know what it feels like.

I will be listing to this post any liscence plate that, through PURE NEGLIGENCE tries to run me over in the future, starting with this one:


VE7BAL – February 6th

-A veteran plate, his eyes daggers screaming ‘HOW DARE YOU’ at me while he turned right, slowing down and attempting to hit my bike! The person in oncoming traffic saw you and raised their hands in disbelief and I had to duck out of the way! I paused and flipped the bird before recording his plate and finished driving home.

#dangerousdrivers #cyclists #sidewalk
#awareness #bikelane

Kelly O’Bryan’s Neighborhood Restaurant

262 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N4

Last year, we froze sitting on top of the Kelly O’s patio, this year, we were toasty warm while still enjoying a beautiful ambiance. The server was admirably gracious in turning down our request to move tables around, explaining that they’ve tried it multiple times, explaining it doesn’t provide any more space. Props for diplomacy!


Kelowna, BC V1Y 3H4

In the building of the once iconic Extra Foods, this store brings in local produce and goods and sells them at reasonable costs. Their deli has hot meals daily, and be sure to check out their half off bin and shelves scattered throughout the store for killer deals!

Walmart Westbank Supercentre

2170 Louie Dr, Westbank, BC V4T 1Y2

The first Supercentre in the Okanagan, this became an integral part of West-bank (now West Kelowna) commerce. Since it’s opening day, this location has managed to keep this store looking brand new, with clean aisles well organized with a variety of goods.

Tech Support

I’m a computer nerd. I’ve spent a considerable amount of my career helping people who’ve never touched a computer learn the difference between a monitor and a computer, and what a mouse is! If something goes wrong at work, or someone’s having an issue over the phone, I get the call. I’m reminded that these phone calls really aren’t that bad in comparison to this guy’s day! YAY MAN EATING CHICKENS!!!