Mad Mango Cafe

551 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6P2

When you enter this place, you are greeted by a warm atmosphere where friendly people greet you, expediently take your order and have you on your way in no time! Their food is delicious, I suggest trying their laksa, the all-time favorite of my office workplace!


Dark And Light

For those of you who enjoy third person fantasy sandbox games, let this game teleport you to a world of your choosing – Gaia or Archos. Gaia is a smaller ‘starter’ world which was just introduced, but if you wish to transfer your characters between worlds, be warned it’s a bit of a challenge and requires some knowledge of FTTP, but discussions on the community say it is to be patched as soon as it is figured out by the DEV’s. 

When we first started playing this game back in early spring, it would take almost 1 hour to get into the log-in screen, where you’d then have to attempt logging in, where it had a 50/50 chance of kicking you back to the main screen where you’d have to log in once more, or entirely out of the game. Then, once in the game, the lag overtook all game-play, anytime you were near a creature, expect death, as it’d freeze up and leave you holding your breath till the freeze passed. So we set it aside, but on Oct 29th, we heard it might be working, and gave it another shot. This time, it loaded up immediately, while the same problems still occur, it only happens 10 percent of the time. The graphics ran smoothly and I even made some armor! And on November 11th a patch was put forward which made log in time even less.

Fast forward a month later, we’ve made a mansion in Gaia then realizing there are no flying mounts in Gaia, moved to Archos, where we tamed a variety of flying mounts and rode them above the clouds, over smoldering volcanoes and braved icy frozen dens. But there are several quests which are broken, inhibiting game play. Delays in having this fixed have created dissension in users, reducing amount of players, though on the bright it has made the servers less laggy! 

That being said, I feel like I’ve run out of things to do, however if I ever feel the need to escape to a magical place where griffins can take me high up into the clouds, I know where to go!

Check out my adventures below!



Tips & Tricks


To see what I’m currently up to, check my live stream here: 




The below email is a sample of the emails I’ve been receiving asking to join CONTENA, a place where writers are supposedly able to make a career off using. 


There are certain points during our lives when a single positive action or decision can reward us for many years to come. 
In January we did some skiing while working remotely from Snowmass Colorado and many decisions needed to be made! 

I can actually trace the beginning of Contena to a single action I took on April 20th, 2015.

I was sitting in my living room, decided to open up a text editor, and began to outline a new service that would make it easier to find remote work.  

The document I created was 2 – 3 paragraphs max.

That single action, led to other actions, which eventually led to me launching a site that has now helped thousands of people land amazing clients and work from anywhere.

Deciding to take that first step or action was the second BEST DECISION I’ve ever made. (The first was marrying my wonderful wife, of course).

So now it’s time for YOU to make a decision.

Maybe you want to build a great remote business that gives you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere like Cristee:
Maybe you want to be earning $3,000+ per month on the side from freelance writing a few months from now.

Maybe for you, it’s not about working from an exotic location, or earning a specific dollar amount, but about pushing yourself to try something new and proactively building a future that you control. 

Whatever the motivation, there is no “ideal time” to take action, there is just now.

Waiting for the “perfect time” or the stars to align is just an excuse we make to ourselves which prevents us from taking action and making any real progress.  

Just click the button below, and join us. You can have your business up and running by this time next week.  Think about that for a second…
 I’m ready to build a GREAT writing business with ContenaRemember – Contena is more than just a service that helps you to launch your remote writing business. When you join Contena you are making a commitment  to yourself and to your future. 

So do yourself a favor and take that first step.  

Once you do that, we are here to help with the rest.  


PS… At a fundamental level, Contena works because we show which actions will have the biggest impacts and where you *need* to be focusing your time and energy.  We all wake up with a finite amount of hours and energy in the day, so it’s important to focus on actions that will yield the greatest results. 

Let’s say you search for clients 3 times a week and with Contena you save 30 minutes on each of these searches.  Over the course of a year – this is almost 78 HOURS of time recovered.

Almost two full work weeks!  

This isn’t taking into account the value of what you learn from our courses etc.. that is just the time saved from doing what many writers consider to be the most tedious task when it comes to freelancing!
 Yes, I’m ready to get started with Contena!

But after finally receiving an limited time offer email saying there was room, I was disappointed to see the price was not what it had said before. So I decided to hold off. But I was then bombarded with emails saying ‘Last chance!!!’ from October 1st to November 2nd, so I replied as per below.

“I’m really getting tired of these emails. You wouldn’t let me sign up a few months ago. So when I saw your email saying Contena is ready for writers I was extremely excited. But then, the price had been raised, the price of joining, which had super unclear charges – either way making it not feasible for me to join. Then you send emails stating last chance blah blah – which was total BULLSHIT LIES because you KEEP emailing stating that it’s my last chance. This is false marketing and I will be making a post about your underhanded dealings.”

Life gets in the way, and I find myself writing this post almost a month later to me replying to their email. Since then however, I have received no response, yet no end in the ever incoming stream of emails, an additional 9 emails, making this a total of 45 emails received since Sept 18th. I’ve included screenshots to show titles to of these emails, my favorites being ‘Contena Closes Tonight!’ followed by an email 6 days later like nothing had happened.

But what really got me going was the texts I received yesterday.

I don’t remember having to give my phone number,  and when I went into the account settings to remove my private information, (greeted by their latest marketing scheme below) it’s not an option! 

I’m super disturbed with their underhanded practices and lack of actual human communication, which makes me question is my information truly safe? Will anyone return my email? 

Stop Signs – USE THEM

So you’re just gonna roll through that stop eh? No big deal, doesn’t hurt anybody to be a little closer to look for oncoming traffic! – but that’s where you’re WRONG. As you speed to a stop and roll those last few feet, you better be looking both ways, not just for oncoming traffic. Bicyclists have the shit end of the stick when it comes to road safe, people missing them because they are faster then pedestrians, shitty bike lanes that are never clean in the winter or only one side of the sidewalk is clean enough to use a bike! This leaves us biking on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, but there is nothing we can do about it except be careful and watch for idiot drivers.

These dilemmas aren’t just limited to winter for example,  since the beginning of spring the construction being done 2 blocks from my house, has closed up the entire left side for pedestrians and bikes. Ok, so basically that means I have to be on my toes, making sure that you right hand turners aren’t so busy looking behind and beside you to realize I’ve been yelling at you for half a street, waving, going up and down on my bike. It’s not like I’m hard to see either, I’m wearing BRIGHT RED, it’s just that people DON’T LOOK.

I almost ran into three of these today, the last one I punched the back of her car on the way by in hopes of scaring her enough to maybe pay attention. (Sadly I missed all the licence plates or they’d be going up on my bad driver report.)


Stat Canada – Misusing our trust

Open Media is a trusted source for underhanded things our government and large companies get involved in. Currently, the privacy commissioner is investigating Stat Canada for the below privacy crimes:

Hundreds of thousands of people in Canada face having their personal banking information taken by Statistics Canada – including account balances, ATM withdrawals and credit card payments – without being notified or being asked to give consent.1 Since thousands of us spoke out, these plans have been put on hold – but we need to take action to reform privacy laws to stop this from coming back.

The Privacy Act, the set of rules that protect our personal information from the government, is extremely out of date. Message your MP to demand they take action to update the Privacy Act, and protect our sensitive data. If you can, please personalize your letter to give it more impact.

I’m all for having a database, it’s just logical, it would have to be better protected in my opinion but eventually we all know it’s gonna happen. My problem with this is that they’ve actually been collecting this data without our consent for years.

Please see below link for petition (Copy of petition is beneath link), or comment with how you think this violation of privacy should be dealt with!

Dear [recipient name will go here],

As your constituent, I am writing to you with concerns about the privacy violations proposed by Statistics Canada, in its proposal to collect the personal banking information of 500,000 Canadians – without our consent.

Maintaining robust and accurate data about our country is critical for the government to make informed decisions. But getting consent from people prior to collecting their sensitive banking data is no barrier to robust data collection. In fact, Statistics Canada has always relied on consent, and should continue to do so as it moves into the digital age [and begins to leverage data collected by service providers like banks and Internet companies].

We simply cannot afford to put some of Canadians’ most sensitive information at risk in the process. While Statistics Canada has said that it will deidentify our personal information, in many instances that information can still easily be linked back to our personal profiles, putting our personal information at risk.

Canada’s Privacy Act, which oversees how the government manages our personally-identifiable information, is woefully out of date, as are Statistics Canada’s collection powers. They were created before the Internet, metadata, and digital security were issues to be considered.

I’m asking you, as my elected representative, to introduce and support legislation to bring the Privacy Act into the digital age, adopting the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics (ETHI), and to ensure Statistics Canada does not collect sensitive information without consent.

Please hold the government accountable for my privacy and digital security.

[your name will go here]
[your email address will go here]
[your location will go here]

Spicy Sausage Pineapple Dish

I’m all about simple cooking. I hate having to spend 5 hours in the kitchen for a 15 minute meal! I grew up cooking with what was on hand, knowing we had to be frugal, my parents only buying the necessities and supplementing the rest with my dad’s large garden and his mini orchard. We’d pickle, can, blanch and freeze anything that wasn’t able to be stored for long periods, and have to regularly go through our food stores to ensure no rot occurred. I was in charge of left-overs so I picked up my dad’s way of cooking – sniff the item in hand, does it smell good with what your cooking? Then throw it in! I have definitely made some flops over the years, but who hasn’t even WITH a recipe? Not saying I never use recipes, I just prefer this way of cooking, you never know what you can come up with till you try!

Now-a-days I have to worry about making sure not to make too much food that may go to waste as it’s just me and my boyfriend – I wonder if I’ll ever get used to cooking for so few people!

I saw I had a bit of spicy canned eggplants left, a pineapple going bad, and I had some feta…so I thought what goes good with this combination? I searched the cupboards and fridge for veges, realized I only had some onions, so I grabbed one of those, but it’s still lacking meat and starch, so into the freezer I went. Right ON! SPICY GARLIC SAUSAGES! Mmmm, now I know what would go just excellent under all this, a nice steamy pile of rice!

I warmed up the frozen sausages till they were not quite defrosted but it makes them easier to chop up into chunks. I then put those into a pan with the eggplants, covered it and set on medium heat.

I started the rice, chopped up the pineapple and onion, and stirred the meat till it was almost cooked. I then layered the onions and pineapple on top of the simmering meat, then covered, waited 10 minutes then stirred the concoction. I tried to keep the meat closer to the pan and let the pineapple and onion stew in their own juices above it all.

Once the onions were soft, I layered rice onto each plate, then split the pineapple sausage mixture on top, followed by a generous layer of feta.



Ingredient list:

2 spicy garlic sausages

1/4 cup spicy canned eggplants

1/2 a pineapple

1 onion

1 cup of rice

Feta to top