Piano Doodles – Volume 1 – Track 3 – The Climb – Where Do I Go From Here

Track 3 –
I picture a climber tackling a mountain in pouring rain, thunder rumbling in the distance but a question weighs heavy on her mind, even when she triumphs at the top, with a breath taking view that could distract millions, it still haunts her – Where do I go from here?

Newest Scam – Requests you leave behind your name and phone number for more info

Got a call from phone number 16176589070, but instead of an automated call, dead air. Intrigued, I tried to call back on PopTox, but it said it was an invalid number. Using their reverse phone lookup, I found out it was a number in Boston Massachusetts.

Using a public phone, I dialed it and was instantly greeted by an automated message, I’ve put the best quotes below for anyone doing scam research.

“Hi I’m Mark and thanks for calling, I’m going to do you a favor and cut right to the chase.”

“Here’s the truth, i’m being working from home for over 16 years – bragging about kids never seeing me leave for home…”

He then goes on to say you shouldn’t have to and how he went from making barely minimum wage to bragging about his last 8 years where he pulled in a 6 figure income, and how in the last 2 year span he’s made way more and is ready to mentor.

He offers you mentor-ship promising he can help you get rich “In the cold market without pitching your friends and family” something about an “automated lead system that will deliver interested and qualified” promising that “you literally only talk to people that talk to this number”

He then goes on to say he can prove with documentation who he is, and is “looking to mentor people with a simple 2 step system
again no hype or gimmicks, just the facts.”

Now, here’s where the catch is – “Here’s all you have to do, you have to have capital. borrow it from your friends.” Huh, I swore you just said I didn’t have to pitch to my friends and family…

“You’re going to need at least 500 to get started. if you can’t get that money you may as well hang up now. If you agree with me it’s worth to invest a little bit of capital” He tries to press the point of needing money to make money, then provides the final almost seemingly innocent request.

“Give me your name and number after the tone so you can make your own decision.”

Well that sure sent shivers up my spine, I hung up and google searched! And while I haven’t been able to find this exact scam, I’ve found reference to closely related scams where the caller asks for a variety of information that they will then use as they see fit.

Other things I find wrong with this phone call was the lack of proof promised, l and inability to link this number to any actual person online.

Please see below for other scams closely related.


TechCo News


Tokyo 1

2125 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC V1Y 0A8


Prepare for a taste-bud adventure! Featuring an i-pad ordering menu, this system allows you to easily pick from a mass variety of dishes, which in turns allows staff to provide prompt customer service.

88 Grand Buffet

2339 Hwy 97 N, Kelowna, BC V1X 4H9


This place once housed the Mama Panda, but has since received quite the decor and seating overhaul, maximizing the small space while still allowing each table their privacy.

A medium main course selection, and a small refreshing salad and desert bar, however lack of selection is made up for in the quality.



That’s right!!! I got my first official offer!! Thank you to all who have liked my art and continue to support me through your kind comments!

When I first got the offer, my heart hit the roof! Then my inner skeptical self told me I should do some research

ROX JEWELRY sells handcrafted jewelry made by gals in Texas, the founder is someone who ended up going through a major physical trauma and after finding no hope in doctors, helped herself, and now helps others! Through this site, I’ve discovered she’s also a part of ‘A Moment of Magic’ , a “nonprofit organization that allows college-age students to volunteer at children’s hospitals and social service institutions to provide creative programming.”

After realizing that this was indeed a legit offer, I signed up, and am patiently awaited the reply!

I received my code within 24 hours, so now officially SarahtoninROX! Use this code to get 15% off a ROX JEWELRY purchase 🙂

Beware of Fraudulent Instagram ‘Ambassador Offers’

For many of us, the ideal situation would be to work from home – I sure know that this is what I’m trying to achieve! But one must be aware of today’s scams. That enticing job offer may look to good to be true, and while most are aware to stay clear of sites sporting a fee to get started, many are unaware of other schemes offering free product or discounted items, but have hidden fees such as:

  • Given a discounted code to use but items arrive damaged or broken
  • Given a code to give others to use, but the items are sent broken to your purchasers and you’re required to foot the bill

The Better Business Bureau put together a report about phony offers, and has created a database for those who wish to record spam, a very helpful tool.

Here are a few articles in regards to the topic, always do your research and stay safe my friends!




Terry’s No Frills

15355 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC V3R 3P3


When I first walked in, I did a double take at the billboard inside, which features their manager, who appears to be a jolly man with an interesting taste in hats! Or maybe he’s just a fan of Babe Ruth, either way, the prices are just as described – no frills – which means less tacked on to the end of your bill!


The Distracting Angels

Those of us who are Doctor Who fans are well aware of how dangerous and creepy the “Weeping angels’ are! Don’t blink if you want to survive!

This got me to thinking, what if there was more then one kind of these time sucking creatures???

We’ve all been there, barely made it to that important office meeting on time, a wedding, date, etc. Imagine if we were delayed by just a few moments, but those moments were needed by you to accomplish something major. A date that would have set you up with happiness for the rest of your life, a sealed deal, or arriving in time to bring the rings…but imagine a monster so cruel that it strikes out to make sure that these moments of happiness do not happen and feeds on the energy created in its wake.

I introduce to you ‘Distracting Angels’, beings that look like normal people out of the corner of your eye, but if you look them straight in the eyes, its psychic circuits search your mind for what exactly would detain you from your goal at that moment. This distraction sucks you in, then when they’ve reached the correct amount of time delay, it snaps you back out with you hardly realizing anything was different, save some of us with higher perception who feel like you’re later then you were.