June to August Exploration Update


May 2019 Exploration Update

Hello All! Time for my monthly update where I take you on a tour of where I’ve been outside of the game world!

Hung out with friends at Kelly O Brian’s!

Princess Leia made an appearance at Quest Martial Art’s Academy’s ‘Spar Wars’. These guys create a safe environment for those who enjoy fighting, and prompt students to better themselves. The teachers are witty, funny, caring and down to earth, so know that you or your child/teenager will be getting excellent care.

Headed out to Vernon on the weekend for May the 4th Celebrations, Vernon hosted a Comic-Con! Ran into the 501st, and immediately asked Vader if it was a lady under there, and to my pleasant surprise, a lady’s voice replied! I met her last year, there is only one lady who troops as Darth Vader, the force truly is strong with this one! Coupled with her husband dressed as Boba Fett, the two make an intimidating and awe inspiring moment for those who are brave enough to face the Dark lord.

Looking forward to working with these guys in the future, we’ve got a plan cooking up I hope you’ll all enjoy, so stay tuned!

Stopped by Munin’s with the RWBY group for a specialty crafted coffee beer (SHHH don’t tell Uncle Crow!) then into Safeway to grab the makings of a pizza, a vegi platter and an already made Hawaiin pizza !

Headed out with the RAOC group a couple times this month to the Kelowna General Hospital, where we set out to provide special moments to children, and anyone else who we could make smile!

Volunteered with the New Vintage Theater to find strange and unusual cuttings a new home outside the production ‘Little Shop of Horrors‘! Totally a recommended to see, I hope to see more amazing productions from this team!!! Side note: I LOVE 1950’s outfit styles!!

Went out on a date to see End Game at Cineplex Studios! Finally caught up!

Took a panorama of Kelowna from the Southeast side – SO MUCH GREEN!!!!

Watched some demolition going on in downtown Kelowna.

Stopped by A&W for burgers.

See Below for Video Update!

As always, any helpful feedback is greatly appreciated, please leave comments below!

Peace Out – Sarahtonin

Riviera Village Green Hotel Complex

4801 27 St, Vernon, BC V1T 4Z1


As this location hosted the Vernon Comic-con, my travels took me here! Surprisingly, there are a lot of conference rooms tucked into the bottom floor of this tiny building, allowing a small convention to run smoothly. The front overhang of this building is stood on massive stone pillars that make excellent backdrops! As for the hotel itself however, I am unaware of it’s services.


April 2019 Exploration Update

Alright! This is the second monthly update where I take you on a tour of where I’ve been outside of the game world! Any helpful feedback is greatly appreciated as I embark on this new adventure, one that I hope will encourage me to get out more and show off my beautiful town, and who knows, maybe someday, the world!

This month started with a stay-cation away from my full-time scheduling job, allowing me some time to put together some of the new features you’ll see throughout my pages. My twin sisters were in town for the first week of this, so I spent some time with them and the family.

Stopped by Mission Creek on my way home to find some smooth water washed rocks, meeting an adorable, patient, obedient puppy on the way out as the owner had asked it to sit on the rock outside the park to take a picture. Even though he wanted to jump off and come beg for a pat, he looked at me longingly instead and resigned to his fate – what a sweetheart!

Took mum out for Donairs at Subcity, always a treat!

Went up to Vernon to trim my trees, the honeysuckle was getting a bit out of hand!

Back to work, I snagged some views of the lake from the top floor.

Went with the RWBY Group to DUNNENZIES PIZZA AND PUB, where comedy night was in full swing, providing some easy going material for those looking to add to their gig! For more on that, check out RWBYBCCOSPLAYERS!

Not too much exploring this month, but I’ve been working on a few projects
(with a bit of help from Kelly) I hope to share with you soon!

Peace out from Sarahtonin! – Check out my video update below!

-PS Next month I should have a better camera setup!

March Exploration Update

I’m starting something new – A monthly update where I take you on a tour of where I’ve been outside of the game world! Any helpful feedback is greatly appreciated as I embark on this new adventure, one I hope will encourage me to get out more and show off my beautiful town, and who knows, maybe someday, the world!

This month was a whirl of gaiety! I didn’t explore much in the beginning of the month as I was mainly focused on prepping for the Kelowna Fan Expo, (KFX) but I did make it up to the views of Black Mountain to visit my parents before the Expo, as well as dog sitting which brought me to West Kelowna where I was able to work on my tan during those first two weeks of warm weather on a sunlit back deck!

The Kelowna Fan Expo was held in downtown Kelowna, a few blocks from my work so it’s very familiar to me, I know all the alleys and side roads, however I do tend to misplace newer shops πŸ˜› Such as misleading us all who were heading to Parlour Ice Cream the first night of the expo – Which is a fabulous shop, totally recommended, ice cream made fresh, and SO MANY AVAILABLE, and you don’t have to sell your first born to get some!

If you’ve ever been to the KFX, you’re aware of it being located in a few different buildings, and as some of you know, the RWBY Group here in Kelowna was given the opportunity to put forward a panel on ‘Creating Cosplay Communities’. That was held in the Black Box Theater, which is a stone’s throw distance away from the walkway that connects the library parkade to the Rotary Center for the Arts. Beautiful walkway by the way, it’s lined with stone fruit statues, some of them are actually stone fruit, but it makes a wonderful spot to take cosplay photos, as does the parkade with it’s ivy and brick.

The Rotary Center for the Arts is a neat building with two and a half levels, I helped volunteer in the actual art studio, that space would be so neat to create something in! They have a whole wall with easels built into it!

I also ‘helped out’ my buddy’s (Felt like I stood there a lot and didn’t know what to do!) who were visiting all the way from Barriere at Sweetnam’s Nik Naks, a store they run with their dad Daniel, awesome guy! They are the other two original RWBY group starters here in the Okanagan πŸ™‚ They allowed my mum to sell her bags at their shop, so thankful! They also took me out for dinner after at the lovely Mekong Restaurant, their food is INCREDIBLE and their options for gluten free are exquisite πŸ™‚

The vendor right across from us sold these amazing masks which my family will now be able to masquerade around in πŸ˜‰

I ran by this sign on the way home, any place that tells you to have a PHOBULOUS WEEKEND MUST BE AMAZING!!! I MUST GO HERE! Bamboo Chopsticks! I’ll keep ya posted!

As I do every Con/Expo, I came home with a stack of business cards. I thought I’d do a little write-up on each person I met, see here.

Made it back up again to Black mountain to capture some stellar views on the last day of the month, finishing up March! April is already flying by, I’m excited to see what this month has in store!

Peace out from Sarahtonin! – Check out my video update below!

Burrard Landing

Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3G3


An amazing view, a gorgeous fountain, seating areas and pathways to small shops and eateries on the sides make this a tourist’s dream! If you’re lucky, you may even see some aquatic wildlife! Located next to the Vancouver convention center, this location is prime for Cos-players and photographers during the Vancouver cons/expos.


Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown (Burnaby)

Stayed overnight on business, staff extremely friendly, everything clean though night manager felt the need to throw his weight around. I visited some friends in a hotel room two floors up, and one of my friends has a hearing problem so he talks quite loud. They phoned the room, to which my friend answered, and as you could hear the lisp in his voice, he backed down immediately, but not 3 minutes later, we heard banging on the door, and my friend was rudely chewed out for being loud, this altercation once again ending with him taking it back and leaving. I left immediately following, as did another lady who was with me, who proceeded to have to listen all night to a couple slam the wall next to her. Later that night, a note was slipped under the door stating my friend was to pay for all rooms that had disturbed sleep! The next day, speaking with the day manager, nothing came of it, so the stress put forward by idle threats was unneeded.