An Honest Low-Down on RRSP’s

For years I’ve been told by most people who advise me in finances to buy RRSP’s, however while I file their advice away, I know RRSP’s aren’t for me. My dad had explained to me years ago how they just wouldn’t work for me, and it’s nice to see an official advisor say it as well!

He opens the article by pointing out ‘countless articles on the benefits of a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and told you over and over how important it is to have one.’

He then proceeds to say that just like all other things in the financial planning spectrum, this may not be the ‘one-stop solution’ for you.

Those who fall in the low-income brackets, close to retirement or those with a large pension plan may want to reconsider this option, or proceed with caution and calculations!

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What’s in Your Tea? – Orange Peel

When sourcing your orange peels, be aware that they pick up pesticides! After hearing about major tea companies crafting teas with unacceptable pesticide levels, and orange peko being the top, I delved into to check if there is any way to retain the flavor while eliminating the chemical – No verified safe methods have been found.

If you still choose to use orange peel in your tea, it is suggested to use ‘organic’, however, organic is just a title, and the source should be researched.

As I do grow a lot of my own tea ingredients, someday I see myself growing a little orange tree, but for now, I’ll be limiting the amount of teas I make with this item, as it’s hard to source safely.

The world is Changing – We Can’t Hold it Still

Humans have this things stuck in our heads that if we can hold the world still, nothing will change. Wrong – the world has been changing under our feet since the first recorded map.

I first ran across these maps when researching the ‘Mud flood‘ from an offhand reference in an piece of old world history. Now a lot of these maps are used by flat-earthers to prove the earth is flat, so many scoffed at my ‘discoveries’, but just as flat-earthers cling to the unexplained in an effort to prove their theories, I push to find the truth behind our old world information and artifacts.

Now you may say ‘Well they didn’t have the tools to make proper maps back then’. I’d like to point out many of our map tools that are used today were originally created by these artists, and I wish we’d give our ancestors more credit then we do. I hope the evidence produced within this year will be enough to push people into realizing that the world around us isn’t permanent, and we need to be ready to accept change.

“Nothing is forever in the world of magnetism.”

John Geiger 

What evidence Sarah? Why should this even be a concern? Well, the Poles are moving, Canada will have to say goodbye to the North Pole as the long standing tug of war between Siberia and Canada comes to an end.

This alarming evidence proves that we have less control over ‘climate change’ then we ever thought. The world is on a cycle, we’re along for the ride, and if we think that we are anything more or less, we really need to take a long look at the big picture.

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Politicians Can Access Our Data Without Having To Disclose A THING

With elections fast approaching and the proverbial magnifying glass is pulled onto politicians, it’s been brought to light the fact that there are no boundaries when it comes to our information!!!

Thanks to Open Media, a site that has brought forward many chilling issues over the last few years, they’ve blown this issue wide open in an attempt to get the attention of those who can make a difference.

‘Currently, political parties are exempted from the privacy laws that they require companies to adhere to. It means there are no laws or oversight governing how political parties collect, use or store our data – and no requirements for them to disclose if our personal information has been hacked or breached.’

Original Article

This is unacceptable and horrifying. Let’s put a stop to it for this election.

Carbonation – Does it Really Suck the Calcium Out of Your Bones?

I’m sure many of you have heard that carbonation is bad for you, the reason being it sucks your bones dry of calcium, but did you know that there is little truth to this claim?

While many health articles actually still claim this, upon further investigation into these ‘studies’, it’s not actually carbonation that causes this extreme reaction, but instead, Coca Cola’s ingredients.

This is due to the fact that cola beverages have phosphorus, which can increase the loss of calcium from the body through the kidneys.

Quoted from

To dispel this myth even further, check out this explanation of what exactly carbonation does in different situations.

Beware of Fraudulent Instagram ‘Ambassador Offers’

For many of us, the ideal situation would be to work from home – I sure know that this is what I’m trying to achieve! But one must be aware of today’s scams. That enticing job offer may look to good to be true, and while most are aware to stay clear of sites sporting a fee to get started, many are unaware of other schemes offering free product or discounted items, but have hidden fees such as:

  • Given a discounted code to use but items arrive damaged or broken
  • Given a code to give others to use, but the items are sent broken to your purchasers and you’re required to foot the bill

The Better Business Bureau put together a report about phony offers, and has created a database for those who wish to record spam, a very helpful tool.

Here are a few articles in regards to the topic, always do your research and stay safe my friends!

Water CAN Be made

I was told recently that humans will never be able to make water, that it’s just not possible. I stopped dead from whatever I was doing and cocked my head to the side in bewilderment. They then stuttered out something about how God is the only one that can make water, making up a million excuses as to how we couldn’t make water.

While it is super dangerous (many scientists left Hydrogen studies behind after the Hindenburg Zeppelin crash), it is possible.

With Elements Hydrogen and Oxygen:

And with Alcohol!

Not only can humans make water, but we have many different methods of doing so!

Please, to those of you who keep a faith, stop making your faith look bad by using it as an excuse for ignorance. That’s right up there with the Catholic church and gas lamps. No one will believe anything you say if you keep spouting garbage.