Piano Doodles – Volume 1 – Track 4 – You Raise Me Up (Piano Ping Cover)

Track 4 – You Raise Me Up (Piano Ping Cover)
A Piano Cover of a Classic tune with the effect ‘Ping’ applied.

Meet Carlos – From ‘The Humans’

I’d point out his features, though he’s not really indistinguishable from the others, but have no fear, you’ll know clearly know who he his.

.-Don’t worry guys, I’ve got this!
-Tries to pick up spear, fails a few times, then, gears up for the big shot!
-Aww maan – there goes our spear
-Hey Fred, isn’t Carlos…supposed to be on that?

Piano Doodles – Volume 1 – Track 3 – The Climb – Where Do I Go From Here

Track 3 –
I picture a climber tackling a mountain in pouring rain, thunder rumbling in the distance but a question weighs heavy on her mind, even when she triumphs at the top, with a breath taking view that could distract millions, it still haunts her – Where do I go from here?

A Simple Gift

Just beautiful.


          I see you are disappointed by the answers

          But it’s really the questions that you ask.

          Critical of the way things look

          Yet you will never remove your mask.

          So what if you keep painting masterpieces

          Clearly no one else will ever see?

          Surrounding yourself with splendor

          Makes you lazy and rarely sets you free.

                   So let me leave you with this;

                   It is but a simple gift.

                   Friendship is the only thing

                   That can reach across the rift.

                   Soon you may face the edge;

                   One you cannot cross or could not see.

                   Only friends will tell you when to jump

                   Or when to just let it be.


          From nowhere you are puzzled by a memory

          So clear you question who you are.

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