Processing – Sharks!

You know those days – the days when you watch the wheel spin on your computer screen, feeling helpless as deadlines loom overhead, feeling like the sharks are circling…

Meet Carlos – From ‘The Humans’

I’d point out his features, though he’s not really indistinguishable from the others, but have no fear, you’ll know clearly know who he his.

.-Don’t worry guys, I’ve got this!
-Tries to pick up spear, fails a few times, then, gears up for the big shot!
-Aww maan – there goes our spear
-Hey Fred, isn’t Carlos…supposed to be on that?

Tech Support

I’m a computer nerd. I’ve spent a considerable amount of my career helping people who’ve never touched a computer learn the difference between a monitor and a computer, and what a mouse is! If something goes wrong at work, or someone’s having an issue over the phone, I get the call. I’m reminded that these phone calls really aren’t that bad in comparison to this guy’s day! YAY MAN EATING CHICKENS!!!