Plant Knowledge

Ever since my dad showed me the difference between a corn plant and wheat grass or couch grass, I’ve been intrigued in understanding how plants work, and what benefits or detriments can it bring.

Growing up, we had a variety of plants to take care of, as well as weed, with a variety of needs. The cedars required constant watering – otherwise they would die in this Okanagan heat, while pines and spruces were much hardier and could be watered when the grass was. There are wild roses always growing in the ditch beside the house with the spruces and pines, and a vegi garden running along that. In the yard, there were multiple fruit trees, goose-berries and raspberries, Catnip, Filberts and grapes. Head out front, where you are greeted by dad’s herb/flower garden, this plot has seen a variety of flowers and herbs over the last 16 years, most of them with beneficial properties. There’s also a Walnut tree in the far corner.

This spawned a love of caring for plants, finding out exactly what makes them grow well, or doesn’t!

A lot of my newer knowledge comes from This site has gathered information on 1700 herbs so far, as well as 400 diseases that these herbs treat.  It also provides a list of Nutrients that is part of the herb in question.

While my current home does not allow me a vegetable garden, I still am able to plant some herbs and other plants.

This page is dedicated to sharing my discoveries with you, and hope that you will use the knowledge I’ve gathered to better further yourself!

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