—— Streaming Schedule ——

UPDATED Weekly – Last updated on – August 4th 2020

Besides gaming, you may also find me doing:

SUNDAYS – ART / Music**
MONDAYS – Baking / Meal Prep**
TUESDAYS – Tips & Tricks / Organizing**
WEDNESDAYS – Healthcheck / Flex Day
THURSDAYS – Retro Gaming
FRIDAYS – Tombraider / Exploration Update**
SATURDAYS – Crafting/ How To’s / Research / Plant Knowledge / Walkthroughs

You never know what I could be up to so tune in to find out!

Mon – Fri – Late Afternoon and Evenings
Weekends – Anytime
Expect New HIGHLIGHTS on Weekends!

This schedule is a loose guideline, and may not reflect exactly what I am streaming.

To see what I’m currently up to, check out my live stream here.

Willy Wonka Flash Games


Another classic Trenholm family favorite, our adopted Uncle found these games online and we’d beg our mom to let us load up the site! I downloaded them as a teen, and have had them ever since, and excited to bring these back to people’s remembrance, as a quick Google search for the image above brought to light many who wish to play/see these games and haven’t been able to get ahold of them!

Catch me LIVE August 6th @ 6:00 PM!


Watch as I play the reboot game of the Tombraider franchise on Friday Nights!

– Scheduled to resume mid August –

Piano Doodles – LIVE!!!

– Scheduled to Resume August –

Tune every Sunday evening and put forward your requests! I try my best, so if I’m not up to your par, just know I’ll keep trying! This Sunday, I plan on doing something a bit different, I’ll be also attempting to ….SING while playing! This is a feat for myself, as I have the hardest time singing and playing so I’ll also be singing a few favorites to a karaoke track in bewteen to shake off the jitters!

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