—— Streaming Schedule ——

UPDATED Weekly – Last updated on – April 4th 2021

– Update for October 2020 to April 2021 –
Due to my house flooding and my new job starting September 29th working on a set production, I’ve had to reorganize my stream schedule week to week! I hope to still see you all and will keep you updated via my Instagram Stories!

– Also be sure to check out my NEW Streaming Look, Goals to complete & Challenges!!-


– April 11th – 17th – Stream Dates –  April 11th – 15th


Well I’ve been told I have to get back into MINECRAFT – I’ve been playing it since the days when you couldn’t even collect water, so I habitually take a break, come back 6 months to a year later and see what they’ve done, then I get bored and mod it, then I lose interest and so the story goes…however, watching EthanRJourney play it has gotten me back in the mood, and as I hear it’s all the rage these days, I think it’s once again time for my return!

For those of you who’d like to join, we’ve got a few extra server slots….PM Me during stream for deets! Rules are, no griefing, messing with others builds or mines, stealing, sleep or disconnect when it’s night-time, and HAVE FUN!! If you need anything, feel free to ask, you never know till you ask!

I’ve been fixing up the village next to me, making it all PURDY, made a pink house, finished orange, yellow brown and green ones, connecting my town with BEAUTIFUL white Diorite, and laying out the RED CARPET!

– Next stream date – April 11th – 15th –



Watch the replay here, or sit back and have a laugh at death reels here!

Showing off my Guns in an Off shore Rig!

– Next stream date – April 13th


– Next stream date – April 12th –

Watch as I play the reboot game of the Tombraider franchise on every other Sunday Night!


(My first play saw a Special Guest appearance from Teen Titans Raven!)

It’s been many years since Skyrim broke the way I viewed video games! I fell in love and played …..uncountable hours in this game! I’m so comfortable in this game that I have added in the Crowd Control Option, and DARE you to try and kill me, by like…SUMMONING A DRAGON, or feel free to be nice and assist my journey as I head off to make a name for myself as the

– Next stream date – April 14th –

Piano Doodles – LIVE!!!

Tune every other Sunday evening and put forward your requests! I try my best, so if I’m not up to your par, just know I’ll keep trying! Time for Episode 11! Listen in for Easter Eggs that will be on my first album coming soon in 2021!
(Apologies for the few last streams, as it sounded like I was underwater!)

–  Next Stream Date – TBD –

Besides gaming, you may also find me doing:

SUNDAYS – ART / Music**
MONDAYS – Baking / Meal Prep** 
TUESDAYS – Tips & Tricks / Organizing**
WEDNESDAYS – Healthcheck / Flex Day
THURSDAYS – Retro Gaming
FRIDAYS – Tombraider / Exploration Update**
SATURDAYS – Crafting/ How To’s / Research / Plant Knowledge / Walkthroughs

You never know what I could be up to so tune in to find out!

Mon – Fri – 9 am, Late Afternoon and Evenings
Weekends – Anytime
Expect New HIGHLIGHTS on Weekends!

This schedule is a loose guideline, and may not reflect exactly what I am streaming.

To see what I’m currently up to, check out my live stream here.

**  = Content coming soon keep checking back!

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