Interesting Things About FOOOD!!!

Food! One of my most favorite things as a human being!!  I love to eat, and growing up in a large family, my father used his farming knowledge and love of gardening to supplement the food bought from the grocery store. I was privileged to grow up in a family who grew their own food, being able to walk out to the plants I tended, pick a huge juicy steak tomato, couple of beans, a corn, some beets, carrots and buc choy, (to name a few common items) and make stews, stir-frys etc. If you haven’t rubbed dirt (and I mean dirt, not a layer of chemicals) of a fresh picked carrot and taken a bite…you haven’t lived yet…Finish it all off with fresh orchard fruit, juicy peaches, or a large pear, apples galore, maybe a few grapes?

We’d also have to harvest and store what we grew, so a hot full kitchen where the canning, blanching and freezing items was being done, was quite the norm in the fall.

My mum was taught how to cook by my father, who made sure we all knew how to cook. Not only did she teach us how to cook, but she researched how foods affected the body, and how to nutritionally keep one’s self healthy, and shared that with us as well.

This page is dedicated to good old time recipes, tips, tricks, interesting ingredients, and food reviews.

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