Artist – Musician – Gamer – Cosplayer – Graphic & Video Editor – Cat ninja, accompanied by my ever trusty side-cats Kelly and Capricorn, just out to make the world smile. Preeeow ;-}

My story starts in Inuvik, but luckily when I was two, my parents headed towards the central Okanagan valley, where I grew up surrounded by pine trees, mountains and water. This also came with a variety of extreme weather ranges, from knee deep snow, to pouring rain and lightening storms, and scorching hot summers!

I was also lucky enough to be a child surrounded by photographers, my grandmother following the twins and I around with a video camera as a young child, and my mum would take thousands for every trip/event we would attend, both of them always pointing out and trying to capture the spectacular views of where we lived. My mother started my interest in graphic editing, giving me more tools in my artwork.

I follow in their footsteps, accompanied by my ever trusty side-cats Kelly and Capricorn, and hope to bring smiles to the world through my perspective.


SarahTonin Cosplay

Freyja91t Gaming

Photography & Film

Trendyholm Sewing & Crafting Patterns

Adventure Time!

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