2120 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6G8

The last time I was at this location the fries were greasy and saltless, but I gave it another chance as this location had always been good, even at 2 in the morning! Ordered a large fries and three cheeseburgers, fries came out hot and perfectly salted, cheeseburgers were warm and sauce was evenly spread. However, if you’re gonna have an ‘Any Lane Anytime’ sign, and you’re gonna crate off one lane, maybe turn it off?

A&W Canada

1192 Stevens Rd, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2S8

Chipper cheery staff, however the food was horrible. I’m not sure what they’ve mixed into their onions on the buddy burger, but it looked like celery and when eaten, the texture felt like chewing on a dried stalk of buck choy or dried corn stalk.

Kelly O’Bryan’s Neighborhood Restaurant

262 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N4

Sadly however, the quality of the food seems to be declining, room temperature fries are graced with plastic cheese, a bare sprinkling of onions, and the portions have lost at least 6 large waffle fries. Staff are still friendly, however they seem overwhelmed.

Kelly O’Bryan’s Neighborhood Restaurant

262 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N4

Last year, we froze sitting on top of the Kelly O’s patio, this year, we were toasty warm while still enjoying a beautiful ambiance. The server was admirably gracious in turning down our request to move tables around, explaining that they’ve tried it multiple times, explaining it doesn’t provide any more space. Props for diplomacy!

McDonald’s – (Next to Canada’s Wonderland)

3140 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan, ON L4K 5R3

When I walked in, I was impressed with the lay-out of the restaurant, their bathrooms impeccably clean, and was pretty excited to use their spiffy new ‘Pre-order’ machines. But to my disappointment, the sales design has the food sorted awkwardly, and the ‘one size is good enough for everyone’ makes it feel like you need a plane to fly to the next menu item! (Ever heard of a magnifying glass option?)

After spending 5 minutes, we had found half our ordered on screen, and not wanting to experience another 5 minutes of frustration, cancelled our order and walked up to the counter. As we did, a lady with two small children took over the ordering screen.

It took a good minute before they realized we were standing there, I give them grace thinking they hope more people to use the automated service. The lovely lady who took our order had it punched in within 30 seconds, so I do hope someone up the food chain reads this review and attempts a redesign…

Food now in hand, we headed back out to our vehicle, and the lady who had started to order using the automated service was still painfully trying to find menu items, a nice gentleman consoling them as we walked out, ‘Don’t worry young man, you’ll get your dinner yet!’

We start to drive away and I bite into my bagel sandwich, and realize I’m chewing dry bread…sad…no mayo…oh well, not gonna waste food, so I’m finishing up the last quarter when *squish* I take a whole bite of mayonnaise…>·<…come on guys! Take some care!!!