GoodLife Fitness Centre

I went and got one with my gf, just the trial, we came back within the trial period but they FORCED us to continue paying saying it wasn’t a 10 day trial, just a 3, even though it clearly said it everywhere, and the girl who PROMISED US that she would be able to cancel it for us if we had any problems said she had never said that….the girl with black short cropped hair and face piercings..anyways they told me to call head office there was nothing they could do, so I called head office and couldn’t get through, so eventually when things got tough, I stopped paying them, left them in a bank account with no money and finally they called me from head office, I told them what happened, told them to look at how many times I had been there (as they scan your card) and she apologized profusely and stopped the contract. I never got back any of that money.