You’ve gotten the most perfect item, but it’s too long! For a reasonable price let me make that item just right for you!

Plan to stay for a 5 minute measure when you drop off your garment to ensure the most accurate results.

10 – regular hem
14-16 – Jean
16-20 – Fussy Fabrics

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500 1500 Banks Road, Kelowna Central Park Power Cntre Phase 1, Kelowna, BC V1X 7Y1

Have been going to this store since opening day, and have always been satisfied with what they have to offer, as their prices are reasonable, and their material and handiwork isn’t a cheap knock off, and appeals to both sexes. While their selection of tough wear is large, such as cargo pants and waterproof boots, they also now include an entire section of comfy things, both for men and women! On a side note, this store has ridiculous left and right entry doors, with the counter directly in the front middle of the store. My last visit, they had finally been moved to a more logical location, allowing one to walk directly into the store. Thumbs up!