SarahTonin Therapy Services

  • Hourly Rate – $100
    • Lower Mainland
    • Okanagan *Callout fee is mandatory at this location*
  • You have a choice of:
    • Reflexology, the study of reflexes. (Certified, *claimable under some benefit providers*)
      • Reflexology therapies are natural therapeutic methods derived from this study based on the principle that there are reflexes in the body that map neurologically to other parts, glands, and organs of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology therapy can:
        • relieve tension;
        • improve circulation and;
        • support the body’s efforts to function optimally.
    • (MET) Muscle Energy Technique
      • A form of manual therapy, widely used in Osteopathy, that uses a muscle’s own energy in the form of gentle isometric contractions to relax the muscles via autogenic or reciprocal inhibition and lengthen the muscle. As compared to static stretching which is a passive technique in which the therapist does all the work, MET is an active technique in which the patient is also an active participant.
  • Call-out Fee – $5 Any trips exceeding 20 kilometers – $0.25 a kilometer

* Message me for multiple booking discounts! *

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