Dakota Boots

Hey construction friends,

Did you know that Dakota Boots are made by a different company than Dakota Outerwear?

In the past four years my boyfriend Todd has gone through three pairs of $250 quad-comfort Dakota’s, and all three have had the sole separate from the rest of the boot. He wears Dakota jackets and rain-gear purchased four years ago that are are in great condition (besides one broken zipper due to him shoving a nail-bar in a pocket that isn’t meant for nail-bars).

It was news to both of us to find out that Dakota boots are not made by the same company. After Todd couldn’t find a website for the maker of the boots, and upon further investigation, it seems that they are made by Mark’s Work Warehouse to break about a month after their 100 day warranty is up.

Only bright side I see is go ‘Lease’ yourself a pair of these puppies, and bring them back in before the 100 day warranty!

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