Watch Out For Cyclists – IE Dangerous Driver Report

Please watch bike lanes and sidewalks for bicyclists. You don’t know if construction or other extenuating circumstances has closed the other side of the street so their on the wrong side of the road. It’s not easy being a cyclist. I get almost hit DAILY. This is completely unacceptable in a world so far advanced. Cyclist friends in Kelowna beware. I drive and bike, so I’m always on the lookout for them. If this isn’t you, take on a ride to work challenge so you can at least know what it feels like.

I will be listing to this post any liscence plate that, through PURE NEGLIGENCE tries to run me over in the future, starting with this one:


VE7BAL – February 6th

-A veteran plate, his eyes daggers screaming ‘HOW DARE YOU’ at me while he turned right, slowing down and attempting to hit my bike! The person in oncoming traffic saw you and raised their hands in disbelief and I had to duck out of the way! I paused and flipped the bird before recording his plate and finished driving home.

#dangerousdrivers #cyclists #sidewalk
#awareness #bikelane

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