Stop Signs – USE THEM

So you’re just gonna roll through that stop eh? No big deal, doesn’t hurt anybody to be a little closer to look for oncoming traffic! – but that’s where you’re WRONG. As you speed to a stop and roll those last few feet, you better be looking both ways, not just for oncoming traffic. Bicyclists have the shit end of the stick when it comes to road safe, people missing them because they are faster then pedestrians, shitty bike lanes that are never clean in the winter or only one side of the sidewalk is clean enough to use a bike! This leaves us biking on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, but there is nothing we can do about it except be careful and watch for idiot drivers.

These dilemmas aren’t just limited to winter for example,  since the beginning of spring the construction being done 2 blocks from my house, has closed up the entire left side for pedestrians and bikes. Ok, so basically that means I have to be on my toes, making sure that you right hand turners aren’t so busy looking behind and beside you to realize I’ve been yelling at you for half a street, waving, going up and down on my bike. It’s not like I’m hard to see either, I’m wearing BRIGHT RED, it’s just that people DON’T LOOK.

I almost ran into three of these today, the last one I punched the back of her car on the way by in hopes of scaring her enough to maybe pay attention. (Sadly I missed all the licence plates or they’d be going up on my bad driver report.)


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