Dark And Light

For those of you who enjoy third person fantasy sandbox games, let this game teleport you to a world of your choosing – Gaia or Archos. Gaia is a smaller ‘starter’ world which was just introduced, but if you wish to transfer your characters between worlds, be warned it’s a bit of a challenge and requires some knowledge of FTTP, but discussions on the community say it is to be patched as soon as it is figured out by the DEV’s. 

When we first started playing this game back in early spring, it would take almost 1 hour to get into the log-in screen, where you’d then have to attempt logging in, where it had a 50/50 chance of kicking you back to the main screen where you’d have to log in once more, or entirely out of the game. Then, once in the game, the lag overtook all game-play, anytime you were near a creature, expect death, as it’d freeze up and leave you holding your breath till the freeze passed. So we set it aside, but on Oct 29th, we heard it might be working, and gave it another shot. This time, it loaded up immediately, while the same problems still occur, it only happens 10 percent of the time. The graphics ran smoothly and I even made some armor! And on November 11th a patch was put forward which made log in time even less.

Fast forward a month later, we’ve made a mansion in Gaia then realizing there are no flying mounts in Gaia, moved to Archos, where we tamed a variety of flying mounts and rode them above the clouds, over smoldering volcanoes and braved icy frozen dens. But there are several quests which are broken, inhibiting game play. Delays in having this fixed have created dissension in users, reducing amount of players, though on the bright it has made the servers less laggy! 

That being said, I feel like I’ve run out of things to do, however if I ever feel the need to escape to a magical place where griffins can take me high up into the clouds, I know where to go!

Check out my adventures below!



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