Super not a fan of Amazon, I could always find whatever item elsewhere or the original site for half the shipping or less cost. **Examples**

I also hate the idea of signing up for a membership to have someone else have automated services push their crap on me. Automated helpful things SURE, but automated marketing drives me right up a wall!

And now to top it all off, looks like they’ve been playing my all-time favorite pet peeve – inflating stock with drama!

Headlines read –

“These cities are finishing strong as Amazon narrows down choice for new headquarters”

  • Amazon could narrow the finalists as soon as this month for the new headquarters and the 50,000 jobs it says will go with it.
  • Data from CNBC’s latest study on competitiveness suggests Austin and Dallas could have a strong shot at Amazon’s $5 billion project.
  • Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Miami, Nashville and Northern Virginia are also strong contenders.

The problem with this is, there was only 1 prize to begin with. This article below elegantly explains why this is just so underhanded.

Amazon’s HQ2 Spectacle Isn’t Just Shameful — It Should Be Illegal” by Derek Thompson 


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