The Distracting Angels

Those of us who are Doctor Who fans are well aware of how dangerous and creepy the “Weeping angels’ are! Don’t blink if you want to survive!

This got me to thinking, what if there was more then one kind of these time sucking creatures???

We’ve all been there, barely made it to that important office meeting on time, a wedding, date, etc. Imagine if we were delayed by just a few moments, but those moments were needed by you to accomplish something major. A date that would have set you up with happiness for the rest of your life, a sealed deal, or arriving in time to bring the rings…but imagine a monster so cruel that it strikes out to make sure that these moments of happiness do not happen and feeds on the energy created in its wake.

I introduce to you ‘Distracting Angels’, beings that look like normal people out of the corner of your eye, but if you look them straight in the eyes, its psychic circuits search your mind for what exactly would detain you from your goal at that moment. This distraction sucks you in, then when they’ve reached the correct amount of time delay, it snaps you back out with you hardly realizing anything was different, save some of us with higher perception who feel like you’re later then you were.

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