Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

Another game dear to my heart that shaped many memories in my childhood was Indiana Jones – And the Infernal Machine! My dad would make up silly words to the theme song waiting for it to load up, us waiting with anticipation for the map line to reach it’s destination with a satisfying ‘PLOINK!”

My sisters and I would stage and play make believe adventures, swinging and jumping our way across ‘lava’ (a long orange scarf), running from boulders, and dodging ‘darts’ and ‘icicles’.

This game was the first to adopt Tombraider’s engine, which put it ahead of all other games at the time, yet there were a few things that just didn’t make sense such as Indy’s ability to put whatever he felt like in his pockets, such as a life-size tiki, which caused much amusement through the years for my family, my sister even bringing me back a keychain tiki after visiting Hawaii!

Tiki that would ‘actually fit in my pocket!’

Then there is his disappearing hat…every-time he’d jump in the water, his hat would disappear only to reappear after he had pulled himself out of the water, pulling it out of his pocket and re-positioning it back on his head.

I’ve spent many years scrounging old computers to build one strong enough to take on the program and recording software,  as this game was also one of the first to introduce fully 3D environments, and while many have tried to get it running on 64 bit computers, it was too old and had to be run on a system that still had 16 bit

I had a particularly nasty migraine hit me yesterday, and spent all day asleep. When I got up this afternoon, I had ‘beware the ice’ run through my brain once again, and it got me thinking, what was the 4th monster?? I could name ice, fire and mechanical, but couldn’t figure out if the Atherium, was the last monster…so I searched online and it came up for sale on STEAM! Apparently it was re-released in October of last year, which makes me so excited, funny thing is, is exactly 2 years ago today I started my search!

I ran around the house screaming with excitement, trying to make sure my computer wasn’t playing tricks on me, finally got my gaming computer up and running and purchased it straight away! Then responsibility hit and I ended up doing chores for a few hours – but I plan on spending sometime this evening playing!

Please Note* Strong language is used quite frequently, viewer discretion is advised.

This playlist is still incomplete, expect daily updates till you see the final level posted. 🙂 I’ve played these levels inside and out, so expect to see a more thorough overview of this game.

Watch live on evenings and weekends here at:

I hope you enjoy the play-through as much I am!

Youtube Playlist

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