The world is Changing – We Can’t Hold it Still

Humans have this things stuck in our heads that if we can hold the world still, nothing will change. Wrong – the world has been changing under our feet since the first recorded map.

I first ran across these maps when researching the ‘Mud flood‘ from an offhand reference in an piece of old world history. Now a lot of these maps are used by flat-earthers to prove the earth is flat, so many scoffed at my ‘discoveries’, but just as flat-earthers cling to the unexplained in an effort to prove their theories, I push to find the truth behind our old world information and artifacts.

Now you may say ‘Well they didn’t have the tools to make proper maps back then’. I’d like to point out many of our map tools that are used today were originally created by these artists, and I wish we’d give our ancestors more credit then we do. I hope the evidence produced within this year will be enough to push people into realizing that the world around us isn’t permanent, and we need to be ready to accept change.

“Nothing is forever in the world of magnetism.”

John Geiger 

What evidence Sarah? Why should this even be a concern? Well, the Poles are moving, Canada will have to say goodbye to the North Pole as the long standing tug of war between Siberia and Canada comes to an end.

This alarming evidence proves that we have less control over ‘climate change’ then we ever thought. The world is on a cycle, we’re along for the ride, and if we think that we are anything more or less, we really need to take a long look at the big picture.

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