I’m sure most who know me know I’m not huge into posting nasty pictures without context, facts or a reason other then fear-mongering in regards to the meat industry. (For more on how I feel on that click here)

That being said, know this link is a list of facts and information in regards to how MacDonald’s painfully induces growth hormones. HOWEVER – It also includes a way we hope to force them to stop doing what they are doing! This cruelty should be made to answer for, and anyone who truly believes posting videos chalked full of random photos, lies and information meant to pull on people’s heartstrings will make a difference, are completely blind. This does nothing except promote fear-mongering.

Today all you who are against the meat industry finally have a chance to make a difference, and it will cost you less then that coffee you’re drinking, or the upgrade to your phone game.

CLICK HERE to make a difference today!

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