Artist Spotlight – CANZINO! (Zeus)

Hey all!

I’m putting on the spotlight this week my incredible musician friend Jesus Cancino!!!When I first met Zeus, it was at BITF a few years back, there was a stage set up with all sorts of music equipment, and with his amazing guitar playing, we formed a band ‘Pillow Surfers’ and rocked out for HOURS!!

Canzino is a musician and live-looper residing in Vancouver, BC. Alternative Dance-Rock with a splash of Electronic Melodies; Canzino is always dabbling. Always looking for fresh beats!  Years later, his musical talent keeps rising, his newest single out now, explaining the importance of eating your Broccoli’s!! #ranchitup Check it out now! Keep up the great work!!

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After a month or so, I keep telling this story to friends and after much rumination of words and thoughts, I see a potential song here… About a brah/man/guy/dude named coli or something along those lines? I discuss my music + art visions here with my friends and start imagining how the art cover would look like. After talking to her about it, the following week @renslight draws a draft of this character based off of some light ideas on what I had already talked about. I didn’t even have a melody, basic beat, or genre layed out for what type of song this would be. “Game On” said the songwriter in me. I didn’t think much of it when I did it but I had already laid down the guitar and melody for this song around that time… (Side note: This song comes out this Saturday!) . . . #part5 #manifestation #musicartwork #musicart #sweetart #dopeart #artvisions #artvision #artideas #sketches #mysterygenre #charactercreation #musicinspiration #lifeinspiresart #musicideas #songwritingchallenge #broccolicity #bruh #collie #manguy #brodude #howdididothis #yvrmusic #yvrmusicscene #newsingle #newsong #linkinbio #broccoli #pumped #yvrfoodies

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To support, book him for an event, listen to his music, or check out more of his cover art click below!

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As per his own direction ‘Feel free to reach out at – hit him up with your feedback or sling a crazy idea for a genre-blend that you think would be banging!’

Always look forward to seeing and working with this artist!!!

P.S. My apologies for being so lax lately with my blog in general, however do know I plan on spotlighting more of my amazing artist friends in the near future!! Stay Tuned!

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