Twin Towers – 20 Years Later

Today marks 20 years since the Twin Towers fell. I remember it clear as yesterday, instead of school that day, my mom pulled the TV into the kitchen where we did our school, (I was homeschooled), we put away our books and watched in horror as history was made.

I remember feeling my Acrophobia hit me with a wave as people, who’d rather die of a fall then be burned or crushed, took their fate into their own hands and jumped to their deaths. I remember the devastation that rocked the nations, changing our way of life forever.

History of the beginnings of New York kept in the archives below the tower were buried in the destruction, many of them lost forever.

Airport security tightened up, rules were put in place to ensure no one could casually walk into an airport, and the afternoons/evenings of waiting for my dad to finish up work, getting to hang with the airplanes, was gone in an instant.

Any trust humans had in their fellow humans disappeared. Everyone became suspicious of anyone they didn’t know, and questioned whether those they did know were on the level, as fear gripped their hearts, unsure of where terrorism would strike next. Whilst some don’t believe this to be true or deny it happened, racism somehow became normal between white people and those from the Middle East. I don’t know how many times I heard a white person call someone with a turban a potential terrorist. When temples were built in Rutland, many feared we’d be wiped off the map.

It destroyed families, spawning a war that further destroyed them, by taking away patriotic men and women, then sending back the survivors who were never the same.

I do hope on this day we remember those whose lives were changed forever, regardless of what we think of who was behind what, if this war was truly needed etc, and mourn for our fellow human beings. I hope we remember so we can move forward, allowing us to create a better future for our loved ones, coming together in this new time of crisis and change the world for the better.

Much love and respect to those who lost family members.

In memory of those forever lost 11-09-2001


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