Wednesday Wonderment – How the Internet brings us one step Closer to the Tardis – Vol 3

When the internet was created, did one ever think this was the tool that’d allow worlds to meld? Or communication to be simply the click of a button? How about language translation? Well, as we all know, this is something that is now an everyday part of our lives! Heck, it even allows us to use the never before spoken language of the fictional Time Lords!

I remember the day I used Babble-Fish to hold a written conversation entirely in German, shocking my friend who didn’t realize I was using a translator because of how good it was. I eventually told him, but I totally could have gotten away with it lol! I now play a game called Evony that translates fairly well between every language to the one you’ve set your game for!

And now ladies and gents, Google has brought us one step closer with their new phone – allowing you to type and translate the text as you type!

I will forever be in awe of the creation that is the internet. It is a tool that we humans can use for good or evil, and I am interested in seeing what we do with it next!

Stay Curios my friends! – SarahTonin

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