Sundae-Tonin – Vol 6

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”


Right now, it’s raining cats and dogs in the lower rainland – I mean mainland! 😉 People are under evacuation alert, it’s brutal for livestock and home-owners, and a lot of people have lost a lot of possessions, and in some cases, family members. Thankfully, myself and Ethan are nice and dry, however we can’t get to the Okanagan to see my family or my house…but I’m thankful our suite isn’t flooded like last year!!

I remember the feeling of devastation as we watched everything we had get covered in water, and we franticly started pulling up electronics as to not electrocute ourselves or our animals! Our cats hiding up where they could stay dry, except Dolce, Ethan’s cat, who didn’t want to be near the my cats and jumped INTO the water and waded all the way through the house to the bedroom and hit in the closet on top of my sock box! The bunny was jumping back and forth in his cage from his floating litter box to this little wooden stand in his cage, splattering water EVERYWHERE!

We started bailing the house out, our landlord showed up with help and Ethan’s mom helped us powerhouse the water out! (SO THANKFUL!) By the end of the day, most of our clothes were soaked and gross. But we luckily had a dry bed and just enough clean clothes to keep us going over the next bit. We got lucky, as we were able to act fast and save a lot of our things, but we still had to clean EVERYTHING, as it was a mix of sewer water and outside water, and we still had to leave for a few months so repairs could be completed. I can hardly believe it’s been a year, and even when it felt like all hope was lost, it did all work out and life does get better!

I hope this little quote is something those who are going through these tough times can cling to, and a beacon that things will get better soon!

-Stay Smiling – SarahTonin

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