Wednesday Wonderment – Human Life- Vol 18

When I wake from a nights slumber, I’m woken most times to the sound of a phone alarm, one of my choosing – and as my mind wanders to annoyance of how loud it is, it takes me back to a simpler time where I only had on choice of ringtone – and if the power went out, Mom as the alarm clock!

I don’t just do this with my alarm, I have this tendency when I use something of modern design to think back and not only be grateful, as I remember a time before it, but to look back in wonderment and AWE at how far we’ve come! How many thousands of years did it take us to get to this moment? How many humans lives went into making this possible?

Human life – a precious thing – yet our society is built upon so many dead. I wonder constantly how leaders can so precariously throw their own populations around to fight for their whims, and I wonder if we’ll ever move past this.

What is your top most inspiring thing that humans have done? Comment below!

-Much love – SarahTonin

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