Food Hot Spots

Triple O’s Chevron City Park

375 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6C3 ★★★★★ I snuck out Friday morning to get my boyfriend birthday breakfast, as his favorite sandwhiches are the breakfast sandwhiches, which aren’t served past 11, and due to our schedules we miss this offer a lot. I told the lovely lady this as I pulled up, as she […]


Chocolate REAPER!!!

I just found out about this bad boy, a cross between a Ghost Pepper and a Chocolate Habanero Pepper. Currently the hottest pepper in the world! A friend of mine’s Dad has grown a Chocolate Reaper here in the Okanagan Valley! See below for a video of him testing it out! EEEEESH! *WARNING SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS: […]


Bluetail Sushi

1675 Commerce Ave Suite 102, Kelowna, BC V1X 8A9 ★★★★★ Great selection, however unless you buy a combo you’ll be paying for the variety as sushi here is about 1.25-2.50 more expensive a roll then anywhere else in town. They make up for this in quality however, as any sushi you take home can last […]