Carrot Cake Tea


Other Items Required:

  1. Mortar & Pestle
  2. Mixing Bowl
  3. Loose Leaf Tea Ball or French Press, etc


  1. Gather Ingredients
  2. Using a mortar and pestle grind each ingredient then put in mixing bowl
  3. Mix thoroughly
  4. Test out! – For every cup of water, use half a tablespoon of tea mix

Ready in 15 minutes

Serves 10-13 people


When grinding ingredients, take care not to grind too fine as it will leave a layer of silt in the bottom of your tea cup.

Note: Orange Mint has been suggested as a substitute for Orange Peel, however I have yet to test this yet.

Step By Step Guide with Tips!

Spicy Sausage Pineapple Dish

I’m all about simple cooking. I hate having to spend 5 hours in the kitchen for a 15 minute meal! I grew up cooking with what was on hand, knowing we had to be frugal, my parents only buying the necessities and supplementing the rest with my dad’s large garden and his mini orchard. We’d pickle, can, blanch and freeze anything that wasn’t able to be stored for long periods, and have to regularly go through our food stores to ensure no rot occurred. I was in charge of left-overs so I picked up my dad’s way of cooking – sniff the item in hand, does it smell good with what your cooking? Then throw it in! I have definitely made some flops over the years, but who hasn’t even WITH a recipe? Not saying I never use recipes, I just prefer this way of cooking, you never know what you can come up with till you try!

Now-a-days I have to worry about making sure not to make too much food that may go to waste as it’s just me and my boyfriend – I wonder if I’ll ever get used to cooking for so few people!

I saw I had a bit of spicy canned eggplants left, a pineapple going bad, and I had some feta…so I thought what goes good with this combination? I searched the cupboards and fridge for veges, realized I only had some onions, so I grabbed one of those, but it’s still lacking meat and starch, so into the freezer I went. Right ON! SPICY GARLIC SAUSAGES! Mmmm, now I know what would go just excellent under all this, a nice steamy pile of rice!

I warmed up the frozen sausages till they were not quite defrosted but it makes them easier to chop up into chunks. I then put those into a pan with the eggplants, covered it and set on medium heat.

I started the rice, chopped up the pineapple and onion, and stirred the meat till it was almost cooked. I then layered the onions and pineapple on top of the simmering meat, then covered, waited 10 minutes then stirred the concoction. I tried to keep the meat closer to the pan and let the pineapple and onion stew in their own juices above it all.

Once the onions were soft, I layered rice onto each plate, then split the pineapple sausage mixture on top, followed by a generous layer of feta.



Ingredient list:

2 spicy garlic sausages

1/4 cup spicy canned eggplants

1/2 a pineapple

1 onion

1 cup of rice

Feta to top

Salt Scam

Some days, I like a cup of warm salt water, and on one of these such days, I used some ‘Himalayan Salt’. But as the pink dissolved into a film on the top and the salt itself dissolved layer of particles and dirt in the bottom, I started doing some research.

Photo-2016-10-15 05_26Photo-2016-10-15 05_26 (1)

I came across this article, which is full of misinformation, but it lead me to this, which has some interesting stats and information on how Himalayan salt is found mined and how to determine if you’re buying the real thing.

I found reference to a spectral analysis of this salt, in this article but as it points out ‘If you read down the list of minerals, you will notice that it includes a number of radioactive substances like radium, uranium, and polonium. It also includes substances that act as poisons, like thallium. I wouldn’t be worried, since the amounts are so small; but if anyone believes the trace amounts of “good” minerals in Himalayan sea salt are good for you, why not believe the trace amounts of poisons and radioactive elements are bad for you?’

On the flip side, I think we should be asking ourselves how ‘good’ really are the trace amounts of minerals?

While I don’t believe Himalayan salt in itself is a scam, as it is a higher quality then your normal salt, but the claims surrounding it’s extra properties are blown out of proportion. My research also indicates that the other salts that may be better for you, depending on your levels of iodine.

Well now what Sarah?? Thought I was having healthy good salt!! Well, I’m not leaving without sharing my solution. After years of searching for a salt that actually tasted right, I ran across Avena’s Pristine Sea Salt. Not trying to promote any company here, but their salt is by far the best I have tasted, and can fulfill a salt craving properly.

Other Articles of Reference:



Chocolate REAPER!!!

I just found out about this bad boy, a cross between a Ghost Pepper and a Chocolate Habanero Pepper. Currently the hottest pepper in the world! A friend of mine’s Dad has grown a Chocolate Reaper here in the Okanagan Valley! See below for a video of him testing it out! EEEEESH!




Costco Using Different Burrito Supplier Replaced with Nasty Knock-Off

I grew up eating Costco Burritos as ‘treats’ when we had to time to cook, those were dad’s easy lunches and we knew keeping for him was vital in ensuring some days when there was no leftovers, dad still got a decent lunch.

After moving out, I kept the tradition of having some easy meals on hand, but about three years my favorite kind of burrito, the hot ones, disappeared, and was replaced with more bean and cheese and beef and bean. It also appears that the quality of the burrito has gone downhill, as the tortillas don’t have those little brown spots that show they’ve been crisped up. Instead they were white powdery, the contents were dry, and seemed like half of it had dissapeared.

I went to Independent Grocer two weeks ago, (Loblaws) and they had no name burritos – WITH THE HOT ONES!!!! Curious to see if they were any good, as they were also 3 bucks cheaper, they ARE THE OLD ONES. Delicious, full of beans and chunks of meat, with enough sauce to chase away dryness!

I’ve been eating these for 20 years, trust me when I say Costco must have changed supplier and no name picked up their business.

So once again, Costco is buying products from companies using inferior ingredients and selling it at previous cost. (See my previous article regarding inferior ingredients in their ‘Organic cream of mushroom soup’, they really mean almost half potato!)

I’d also like to point out I’ve stopped buying most produce there, as well as milk, as within a few days it’s gone bad.

Costco used to be the go to for large families, a trustworthy place to get nutritious food, but if they continue replacing their products with low quality SHIT, I won’t be recommending them.

Campbell’s, Cutting Out Quality For Quantity

Disappointed in Campbell’s. If I wanted cream of potatoe soup I’d buy that! Costco only had flats of ‘ORGANIC CREAM OF MUSHROOM’, but after cooking with it, realized something was amiss. So I read their ingredient list to see that their ingredient list has been updated to not only include their wheat and corn fillers, but now potatoe flower as well. DO NOT BUY unless you understand how this changes how you cook, and secondly why pay for organic expensive ingredients, to have second rate ingredients mixed in.