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Arabs and Jews – The Age Old War Continuing This is truly so sad, but puts into perspective the amount of lies fed to them by their governments in an effort to keep them all at each others throats. This tactic then allows them to proceed doing horrible things unquestioned. You’ll note in the video he mentions they are cousins, this stems back […]


Pesticide Suicides

Monsanto vs Indian Farmers My heart broke this morning, the following is an excerpt from an article regarding our Prime Minister’s trip to try and make better relations between ourselves and India.  It is a brutal reminder of how privileged we are here in a ‘first world’ country, where we have imports from all over […]


Little Caesars Pizza

400 BC-33, Kelowna, BC V1X 1Y1 Pizza This used to be the best Little Caesar’s, and now sadly is one of the only two left in Kelowna. My boyfriend and I have been ordering crazy bread every couple of months or so over the last three years, each experience leaving us wanting more. The last […]