Say No to Pesticides Killing Off Our Bees!

Just when I thought humans had started figuring it out, we’ve got sneaky buggers trying to re-instate chemical usage that will finish killing off our already endangered bees! As a gardener, I’m aware it may be “easier” to grow plants when you don’t have to worry about bugs, but when you don’t have the pollen carrier, the plants will just DIE, and so ends green things being able to live on this earth, at least in our current natural cycle.

‘Sum of Us’ activists have put forward a campaign to save these poor bees, let’s do our part in ensuring our future!

Dozens of bee species are now extinct or on the verge of disappearing. But Bayer and its cronies are twisting the EU’s arm into ignoring bee-saving rules against harmful pesticides — the same rules that got toxic neonicotinoids banned last year.

We all rely on bees to pollinate fruit, vegetables and crops. But around the world bees are in decline, putting the future health of our planet at risk — and unless the EU takes concrete steps to save the bees, this trend shows no sign of reversing.

MEPs urgently need to challenge the bureaucrats that buckled to Bayer’s lobbyists. MEPs could force a U-turn, and revive plans to crack down on all bee-harming pesticides. 

It’s the EU’s job to force corporations like Bayer to take bee health seriously — and prevent deadly, bee-killing chemicals from flooding our fields. Bayer shouldn’t be telling the EU what to do. Across Europe, MEPs plastered their election campaigns with pledges to save the bees. Will you sign the petition now to tell MEPs to live up to their promises?

Sign the petition to demand that MEPs fix this mess urgently and protect bees from deadly pesticides.

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Less Mess When Drying Plants

I dry a lot of herbs and other plants for a variety of uses, and as anyone knows having a bunch of plants hanging around can be both messy and an open invite for nesting bugs. Even in the dry climate of the Central Okanagan Valley, this can be quite a chore.


After searching to find a solution for this annoyance for many years, let me present to you the simple recycled plastic or cloth bag! I was out gathering one day and forgot them in the bag. I found them a week later  Because Simply gather your ingredients, then hang them anywhere to dry! No fuss – no muss!

20180912_081903 20180912_081932.jpg

I’d like to point out that this will most likely not work in climates where you have issues with plants molding, but feel free to try and comment below with your results!