Saturday-Spam – PRESS 9 to be removed from the call list – Vol 3

The last two weeks, we covered how scammers call pretending to be government officials in an effort to get your information, then we covered how scammers spoof using other people’s numbers to scam you. (Once again – DO NOT CALL THESE BACK ON YOUR PHONE! If you are curious, PLEASE use an internet phone that […]


Saturday-Spam – Vol 1

I’m starting a new series to be posted on Saturdays, explaining any new Spams/Scams I’ve come across! If you have any information regarding Spams/Scams and would like to have it appear here, please send me that information and advise what social profile you’d like linked, your name, or if you wish to stay anonymous! I’ve […]


CRA Spam Callers Using Inactive Numbers

I received a phone call from this number with an automated voice who stated in broken automation that “ignoring this call would cause legal action before a magistrate.“ I’ve tried to call back this number using Pop-Tox, and it says this number is not in service. Whatever you do, do not give away your name, […]