Take a Stand – Stand for What’s Right

This clip above shows Jim Gordon stand against an untouchable within his organization, a precinct full of lies, murderers, bullies and secrets. We need more of this to rebuild the trust broken for those who should be our protectors.

My heart goes out to my loving sister who daily puts her life on the line to ensure our safety while people like the man Jim calls out in this scene continue to trash their names. It is a horrifying shame that our little ones are afraid of cops because of what has been going on. I’ve included a few videos & articles below for reference:



Bullies and corruption lie in EVERY industry, and it is up to those of us who believe in a greater picture to stand up for what is right. Take a stand in your workplace, let’s make a difference today!

Compliments – A Tool So Often Misused

I came across this article this morning, “Self-Sabotage in Relationships and the One Question We’re Not Asking” by Crystal Jackson, and the words ‘Men compliment us, and if we don’t fall over with gratitude, they act like we’re egomaniacs.’ – stuck out to me. Personal experience as a Cosplayer and a woman, I’ve been complimented in the past, then when I haven’t answered back the way they hoped for, the person will either become moody, or continue pushing to the point of harassment in hopes of achieving their desired result.

It proceeds to say ‘The compliment isn’t really a compliment then, is it? It’s just a tool they use to get what they want. Otherwise, it would be freely given, without expectations attached. ‘ The writer then goes into detail of how she doesn’t even bother reading messages that start with a compliment, followed up by a question that was clearly answered by a quick look at her bio, finished off with a sentence starting a relationship with her without bothering to ask if she was interested. (Sound familiar?)

Compliments are just compliments, and too many people, men and women alike, use these to get what they want, and don’t bother asking if the person is truly interested in them or the project they are working on. This needs to be recognized as a form of manipulation and needs to be stopped.

I feel the article’s title is a bit off-topic, however I feel that it provides us the solution to the problem so many people face. “We need to start asking! It’s not wrong to be interested and to even reach out and communicate that interest. To proceed as if our interest is implied by our very existence is ridiculous.

I give away random compliments daily in an effort to make this world a brighter place, but I don’t expect anything extra from providing it, nor do I use them to get my way, and I get right irate at those who think their smooth words are going to push me into doing something I don’t care or want to do. Like anything, compliments can be used for good or bad, it’s how we use them that counts. Ask yourself, am I using this compliment for something? If so, is it to make the world a better place? Or is it for personal gain? Each one of us holds this tool, it’s up to you to choose how it’s used!

Anonymous Otter?

OH Google, you’ve done it again! These guys are just so creative, I have enjoyed their work for years, such as the Google Graphic or games that are secretly linked into search options etc.

So, I’m in a shared Google Doc, which is amusing enough to watch as the others cursors start jumping around and helpful (or silly) information starts populating the pages, when I notice an odd ‘guest’. My first thought was panic, followed by you’ve given out the link to others without gmail addresses, maybe this is their ID! But, all my friends have very distinct tags, so I did a quick Google search, where I found that Google found it was too boring to have random long strings of numbers, and long story short, who doesn’t want to be a cute Anonymous Animal??

So if you ever open your Google Doc and are greeted by a zoo, now you know why!

Video-Games = The New Parent?

The next time I hear a parent complain about how their child never listens to them or how they can’t tell them no, I’m going to point out an AI does their job better.

Yes that’s right, our generation is being raised by video games instead of television. At least with video games these kids stand a better chance of tackling the world then those of the generation before who were cooped up and sent to their room to stay out of the way and watch cartoons. Many games today are so realistic, it not only provides an escape, it allows you to learn useful things, such as how to use your imagination and survive.

From creating your own garden and learning how cycles work, to building a crazy fort and learning about physics (or that particular games version of physics), math and science of varying levels are being used in ‘real life’ situations where the information will stick far better then in a classroom.

Well I can’t get my kid to do anything!! So, you’re telling me your kid plays in a simulator dreaming about life all day, and you can’t get him to do anything?? Yes, I know some of the games that include racing and any first person shooter are off the table for real life, but when your kid is playing Minecraft for days on end, I feel for the little guy. I love Minecraft, I play it when I can’t build the thing I want in real life. Kids are creative, kids want to build and do things, but they are often met with 1 no materials in this day and age, and 2 a slew of inconsistent rules which makes them not even want to try. Parents, if you say no once, keep it that way, or explain why it’s a yes now. Same for saying yes. Stop buying them things hoping to win their affection and take them out to play. That’s all we wanted – our parents to play with us, not to shove us away in hopes we’d entertain ourselves, and to know we were safe, and a safe world includes rules.

But you’re in a virtual environment where anything is possible! How can this be better than me?! I hate to break it to ya, but all these games have rules, meaning your child gets told no everyday without throwing a tantrum – granted, there are cheat codes, but if you want to stay in the ranks with your buddies, you’ll have to keep those off, or get really good at programming and go in and change the game itself, which would be a feat worth congratulating, but as most games now have a cloud they sync up with, many in real-time, makes this near nigh to impossible. So not only are there rules, but there is incentive to follow them.

If our generation isn’t taught the rules, how are they expected to follow them? A game will teach you the rules, and it’s up to you to follow them. The real world nor the game world doesn’t take ‘I didn’t know’ as an answer. My question for you is, are you going to let an AI set the rules, or you?

Fear Mongering Vegetarians

I have many vegetarian friends…well we’ll see after this, but I do hope they realize the point I’m trying to bring across, and that I’m not attacking their stand, but rather questioning the tactics used to pull people to their side, and to point out the fact that we’ve got a much bigger problem then meat.

Former Piggies

I see videos hit my feeds with terrible butcher shops showing what gets done in these slaughter houses. Ok, that’s sad, disturbing and we shouldn’t be letting this happen yes I agree. But, when I see a video come across my feeds that said ‘You’ll never eat gummies again’ I laugh as I’ve known that procedure has existed long before factory meat preparation. But as I watched the video, they put a whole lot of extra procedures in there that was unneeded. What gummies are made of is gross yes, no grosser then having a pork stew with all the pig odds and ends, but it was to ensure all the animal was used! But somehow that is now being used as a push by vegetarians to stop you from eating meat and now another product. I also read the article, which once again, no background as to when this first started, nothing saying this was a procedure once used to get rid of waste is now a mainstream process that is overused. That would have been non-fear mongering.

My integrity was questioned when I questioned the lack of information that came with this video, “did u watch the video? it doesn’t need words.. pigs packed into small areas are hung up drowned in boiling water then the parts of the animal no one eats are made into candy.. its discusting.. there are so many animals killed for food.. when we wont even let a human suffering die with dignity. if u try to kill yourself u get lock up for mental problems bits fine if its a food animal.. bc if it was a cat or dog people would be freaking out”. –

First off, I have a really hard time listening to somebody who can’t type/spell correctly. In this day and age, we have spell check. Use it.

Second Off — I’m just super tired of vege’s (one what a ridiculous name) blasting farmers and procedures that you evidently don’t know have been around since before the holocaust, or if you did, you omit it for fear effect. If you knew your history, you’d know the Jews refused gelatin offered in concentration camps because they couldn’t eat pork. Many went hungry.

I say that capitalism is what ruined it all and all you vege’s do is fear monger and point out facts that we’re already aware of. Those of us who are responsible about our meat usage aren’t slaughterers, we don’t take JOY in killing them. Let’s maybe look at the good things we’ve done by using everything.

Maybe you think you’ve evolved to live above the wild instincts of nature and you think you’re better then those of us that haven’t ‘evolved’ past this. If this is your way of thinking, maybe you should give us some grace.

‘But I’m so much better then you! I don’t take life!’ You cry indignantly!

I’ll share some science with you. Did you know grass bleeds and when you cut it, it actually goes into nervous shock???? All beings no matter what we think dies for us when we need to eat. It’s how we respect that lose of life that makes us a better person, not shitting on people for trying to stop waste from happening. Instead, you’re going to completely disregard the fact that a person figured out how not to be wasteful with what was given them, not bothering to look at the good that had been done at the past, and mourn how it has become such an easy thing to do.

Many people who tell me they don’t eat meat blame the meat industry. There are some who can’t take a life, saying it’s inhumane. I understand where they’re coming from saying that in this day and age we shouldn’t have to eat meat. But what they don’t seem to realize the part concerns me as it’s not just the meat industry that is corrupting and killing life forms.

The problem isn’t meat. It’s factory production. We’ve lost our connection with our food, plain and simple, and it scares me to know that people aren’t aware of what is in their food, either by ignorance or head burying. Yes, mainstream meat packaging and producing is a terrible terrible way for animals to live, but back in the day when the cattle roamed the plains, the natives taught the white man how to care for the cattle. They KEPT THEM ALIVE. They had to knock frozen snot off their faces when they’d end up stuck out in a field after a snow storm because they really aren’t the brightest creatures.

I come from a long line of farmers, and while I don’t raise my own meat, if I had the chance, sure I’d have a few chickens!!! My father grew up on a farm, and passed his knowledge and green thumb down to his kids. They had a huge vegetable garden, a variety of animals, they grew and raised some for meat, but also cheese, and milk as leaving the mother’s tits full (sometimes they get confused because another calf that isn’t theirs is around and then their bodies start lactation) and so the farmers make sure they aren’t hurting. They all had names, there was even 6 geese that when it came to be their time, grandma butchered them, they stayed frozen till the day she died in the freezer because she couldn’t bring herself to eat her friends.

My great uncles owned a milk farm, about 20 years ago. My boyfriend worked on one in surrey about 6 years ago. Because of these cows, he thought all of them were stupid. The way the farmers treated them was pathetic -automated machines that sliced their legs a few times a day to clean the floors. They were cooped up with minimal space. When he told me I was shocked and told him that’s not how my dad described it. My dad was able to sit down and explain exactly the gorgeous operation that is just too expensive for farmers to uphold in this modern day society. Once again, even all the dairy cows had names, but we’ve lost that connection to the earth.

Same thing goes for vegetables. Our farmers corrupt our crops with chemicals. Not only do they use pesticides, but they use syringes to input a chemical that makes then grow large and pretty looking. Any food that comes across the border has been radiated. Guess what? That’s shit for you! Same thing as factory fed meat.

Well, you say, I only eat Organic. Ok, welcome to 2018, where Organic is just a label slapped on everything for easy sale. Vegetables sporting organic have been proven to be grown right beside the fields being sprayed with pesticides.

So if you want to get on this band wagon, know both sides and stop throwing poo around like a bunch of monkeys hoping someone will get pissed off enough to change their diet. It needs to be a lifestyle change and you need to either grow your own veges and animals, or know artisans around (like my father) who can provide you with fresh produce etc. Basically, don’t buy into this world’s easiness. It’s not just meat.

Farmers had a pact with animals, you treated them well because they gave you life. Are you just going to let species overpopulate so that nature can take it’s course and we’ll have bloody massacres in the streets from Cougars, wolves and other predators we’ve been keeping them safe from. This is a cycle, and though man has gotten way off track thanks to capitalism, we should still try to find a use for everything instead of it becoming a rotting corpse. I myself will donate my body parts so someone else can use them. Who cares, as long as it doesn’t cause harm to the living, what they do with them after I’m gone?

Those of us who are responsible about our meat usage aren’t slaughterers, we don’t take JOY in killing them. And if you’re a hunter, there is thrill to the hunt, not the slaughter.

For so many years people were pissed we weren’t using everything of the animal, and now people knock it now that it’s become factorized. Let’s go back to the little farms and stop throwing around blame when it’s the fact that society has a whole has lost touch with ‘mother nature’ if you will.

One of my biggest annoyances is them ‘There’s facts, THERE’S FACTS!!!’ Like I’m not aware. I am, I just see the bigger picture, and am tired of us using our social media platforms to induce fear when we do have the actual facts in front of us. I’ve never once jumped all over someone for not eating meat. That’s your decision. I’m just getting sick and tired of being pushed on us with twisted facts and hopes you’ll change our minds. That’s manipulative and tactics right out of religious books. But do know that to push it down our throats with twisted facts will only warp how you are portrayed.

Here’s some facts for you PLANTS HURT TOO. They don’t bleed necessarily, as they have their own way of cauterizing the wound. If you want to get on the bandwagon of life is precious, you need to be made aware of the FACTS of science. That lovely smell you inhale, is grass screaming HELP ME!!!!!. And we just do that because it ‘Looks nice’ — A disgusting show of wealth from days gone by.

If people aren’t aware let’s make them aware. But these fear-mongering videos are annoying. Facts people, not just horrifying images.

To this, I was told, ‘but if it was humans it wouldnt be conciderd fearmongering. no one would need facts bc if a picture says a thousand words a video says a million. and an uniformed decision if its to not eat animals is never a bad decision’. — Once again, it’s 2018, please use spell check so I can take you seriously!

Anything done with deception will fail. When pictures and videos are put in a way without the rest of the information that enrages people to make uniformed decisions and take sides that they don’t understand, and one day, because their faith wasn’t put in facts, it will melt away and all you’ve ‘done’ will fall apart, as does any nation or group that puts it’s faith in half truths.

If you still don’t get it, you missed the point entirely of my message.

Clean Pj’s or ripped jeans?

So we’re walking out of Doc’s the other night, and a half cut lady in her mid forties asks Todd in disgust ‘Why are you wearing pajamas? And a tail??’ To which he responded almost immediately ‘Why are you wearing ripped jeans? Did you rip them yourself doing hard work?’ Taken aback, she collected her thoughts to respond a few seconds later with, ‘Why yes! I do stretches!’ and proceeded to model her ‘stretching’ for us.

My sides still hurt from laughing the whole way home, what do you think friends? Bright pink pajamas, (which are really a cozier form of pants) which are clean and not hole to be seen, or jeans, holding their holes together with one string on one side and two on the other….

Radio Stations Definition of Variety

Recently two of our radio stations have been revamped, one being bought out completely by Kelowna’s Castanet, and the other revamped and renamed by management. The latter has changed over solely to 80’s and 90’s music, but sadly, it’s already starting to sound repetitive!

I’ve sent the following in, and let’s see where it gets us! 🙂 Hold on to your hats Kelowna, and let’s hope for some more nostalgic songs to come across our radio waves, then just the common known songs.

Good Morning,

I have been extremely pleased with this stations newest selection of music. But sadly, just as every other station, this one seems to be playing the same set of songs from the 80-90s. I’m going to be extremely frank, can we please not have the same songs repeating all week long? Already people are groaning when I turn this station on, and it will soon become just another station that plays no variety. Variety doesn’t mean 200 songs played over and over. There are 24 hours in a day, which means there should be at least 300-400 songs played a day, which means there should be at least 2100 songs in your list. This shouldn’t be that hard, as in 1981 alone, 380ish albums were released. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1981_in_music

If this radio station plans to stay successful, and not just be another station gone to the way-side, please stop repeating songs within reason.

Thank you!

Update November 23rd 2017

-I received an email response right away from the Program Director, though I wanted the time to put some thought into my answer. His response was an explanation in the science of music, which ended with an open invitation to provide the songs I would like to see in their playlists, and ‘Maybe we can get some on the air.’

“To be honest – we have about 400 active songs in our playlist, and over the week some of them will play 12-15 times, this is on par with our competitors. The thing is, as much as I personally love some deeper cuts myself, the historical fact is the majority of listeners want to hear those big songs more often, statistically the average listener will hear the ‘big songs’ 2 times a week (by design) and believe it or not; they tune out when we start to get to play too much variety, if we played 2000 songs actively we would be floating around the bottom of the ratings. To be fair we aren’t claiming to be a ‘variety’ station but we do play a pretty wide variety, considering.

“There is a reason there aren’t true variety stations – you and I are in the lower percentile of people with a great love of lots of different songs, however we have to program to the majority, as all the other stations do.”

This response shed light onto something related I see daily, but never understood. Some people may know the tunes, or know a few of the words, but unless they are really into that artist, they don’t subconsciously pick up the words then listen to them, or their meaning until someone else points it out.

I appreciate the insight given, and now every time I hear a repeat…I know why…