Newest Scam – Requests you leave behind your name and phone number for more info

Got a call from phone number 16176589070, but instead of an automated call, dead air. Intrigued, I tried to call back on PopTox, but it said it was an invalid number. Using their reverse phone lookup, I found out it was a number in Boston Massachusetts.

Using a public phone, I dialed it and was instantly greeted by an automated message, I’ve put the best quotes below for anyone doing scam research.

“Hi I’m Mark and thanks for calling, I’m going to do you a favor and cut right to the chase.”

“Here’s the truth, i’m being working from home for over 16 years – bragging about kids never seeing me leave for home…”

He then goes on to say you shouldn’t have to and how he went from making barely minimum wage to bragging about his last 8 years where he pulled in a 6 figure income, and how in the last 2 year span he’s made way more and is ready to mentor.

He offers you mentor-ship promising he can help you get rich “In the cold market without pitching your friends and family” something about an “automated lead system that will deliver interested and qualified” promising that “you literally only talk to people that talk to this number”

He then goes on to say he can prove with documentation who he is, and is “looking to mentor people with a simple 2 step system
again no hype or gimmicks, just the facts.”

Now, here’s where the catch is – “Here’s all you have to do, you have to have capital. borrow it from your friends.” Huh, I swore you just said I didn’t have to pitch to my friends and family…

“You’re going to need at least 500 to get started. if you can’t get that money you may as well hang up now. If you agree with me it’s worth to invest a little bit of capital” He tries to press the point of needing money to make money, then provides the final almost seemingly innocent request.

“Give me your name and number after the tone so you can make your own decision.”

Well that sure sent shivers up my spine, I hung up and google searched! And while I haven’t been able to find this exact scam, I’ve found reference to closely related scams where the caller asks for a variety of information that they will then use as they see fit.

Other things I find wrong with this phone call was the lack of proof promised, l and inability to link this number to any actual person online.

Please see below for other scams closely related.

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Don’t Call Back Spam Numbers!!

We all get them, annoying spam calls. But do you know what their newest trick is? You’ve missed a phone call from an unknown yet ‘safe looking number’. You call it back, and they ding you through the nose in charges.


First off, your clientele, friends, family and anyone else who REALLY wants to get a hold of you will get a hold of you, and will more then likely leave a message or follow up with a text. So, you might be one of those people who already ignores all unknown numbers

Now you might say, ‘Well what if my voicemail is full Sarah?? I have kids, they could be calling from an unknown number, and they could be in trouble!! What NOW?’ Well, never fear, as I have pondered, researched and found a solution!!! Introducing PopTox! The online internet service which ONLY requests your microphone, not your video feed like Skype, and doesn’t charge you to make phone calls to landlines.  I was able to call a states-side number with my computer, verify it was spam, and mark it on the appropriate sites.

Lastly, once you’ve successfully identified a spam number, BLOCK IT!!! This cute little function became mainstream in phones about 6 years ago and has saved my sanity more times then I can count! I do know older I-phones and androids did not have this function, also is not available to my knowledge in ‘Brick’ Phones, but remember, you can always call your provider and ask that this number be blocked.