Don’t Use Quora – Access to your Google Searches

I made a google search yesterday, and the hair on my neck rose when I received this email this morning at 10:49 am:

Stories from your activity
Which dual rear camera combo will do a better photography, 16/5 or 12/12 or any other?

Shivam Trivedi

Shivam Trivedi, I am a mobile photographer.
Written Jul 17

The answer is 12 + 12.

Primary justification:

Here you can see that both sensors have 12MP capabilities. I mean if you are using the combination with a telephoto lens as the …

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What would be a good smartphone under Rs 10,000 with a 2 GB RAM & a 13 MP camera?

Vikash Yadav

Vikash Yadav, Founder Tecphlie
Written Jan 30, 2016

Although new in the mobile phone industry, LeTV now LeEco has been a successful online video company in China. They have launched their first phones in April 2015 and made …

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What is the difference between Mobile camera MP and DSLR camera MP?

Arjun Sreekumar

Arjun Sreekumar, i love photography
Written Oct 1, 2016

There is no difference.

Both denote the size of the image that the camera can produce in pixel terms.

For example, 4000pixel heigh and 3000pixel wide image means its a 12MP i…

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While Nikon is offering 24 MP cameras why is Canon stuck in an 18 MP age? When will Canon give consumers cameras with lots of MP?

Joseph Finkleman

Joseph Finkleman, former Professional Photographer (1968-2017)
Written Jan 27

Firstly over 10–16 mp is overkill. Secondly the practical difference between 18–24 mp is nearly nil. Thirdly the noise problem increases as more MP get crammed into a finit…

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Why is the front camera of lesser resolution (megapixels) than the rear camera?

Dave Haynie

Dave Haynie, Been shooting since I was a kid…. before digital, before computers…
Updated Jun 6

The front camera has been a lower resolution, traditionally, for two reasons.

Go back a decade or so and there was no front camera in most smartphones. And yeah, there were …

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A quick Google Search revealed this has happened to others:

I refuse to now use Quora, they have access to your Google Searches, and for those of you who don’t read geek, it’s worded as ‘Analytics Tools. We may use internal and third party analytics tools, including Google Analytics.’ This sneaky practice just makes my blood boil. Please beware friends.


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