Video-Games = The New Parent?

The next time I hear a parent complain about how their child never listens to them or how they can’t tell them no, I’m going to point out an AI does their job better.

Yes that’s right, our generation is being raised by video games instead of television. At least with video games these kids stand a better chance of tackling the world then those of the generation before who were cooped up and sent to their room to stay out of the way and watch cartoons. Many games today are so realistic, it not only provides an escape, it allows you to learn useful things, such as how to use your imagination and survive.

From creating your own garden and learning how cycles work, to building a crazy fort and learning about physics (or that particular games version of physics), math and science of varying levels are being used in ‘real life’ situations where the information will stick far better then in a classroom.

Well I can’t get my kid to do anything!! So, you’re telling me your kid plays in a simulator dreaming about life all day, and you can’t get him to do anything?? Yes, I know some of the games that include racing and any first person shooter are off the table for real life, but when your kid is playing Minecraft for days on end, I feel for the little guy. I love Minecraft, I play it when I can’t build the thing I want in real life. Kids are creative, kids want to build and do things, but they are often met with 1 no materials in this day and age, and 2 a slew of inconsistent rules which makes them not even want to try. Parents, if you say no once, keep it that way, or explain why it’s a yes now. Same for saying yes. Stop buying them things hoping to win their affection and take them out to play. That’s all we wanted – our parents to play with us, not to shove us away in hopes we’d entertain ourselves, and to know we were safe, and a safe world includes rules.

But you’re in a virtual environment where anything is possible! How can this be better than me?! I hate to break it to ya, but all these games have rules, meaning your child gets told no everyday without throwing a tantrum – granted, there are cheat codes, but if you want to stay in the ranks with your buddies, you’ll have to keep those off, or get really good at programming and go in and change the game itself, which would be a feat worth congratulating, but as most games now have a cloud they sync up with, many in real-time, makes this near nigh to impossible. So not only are there rules, but there is incentive to follow them.

If our generation isn’t taught the rules, how are they expected to follow them? A game will teach you the rules, and it’s up to you to follow them. The real world nor the game world doesn’t take ‘I didn’t know’ as an answer. My question for you is, are you going to let an AI set the rules, or you?

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