Water CAN Be made

I was told recently that humans will never be able to make water, that it’s just not possible. I stopped dead from whatever I was doing and cocked my head to the side in bewilderment. They then stuttered out something about how God is the only one that can make water, making up a million excuses as to how we couldn’t make water.

While it is super dangerous (many scientists left Hydrogen studies behind after the Hindenburg Zeppelin crash), it is possible.

With Elements Hydrogen and Oxygen:



And with Alcohol!


Not only can humans make water, but we have many different methods of doing so!

Please, to those of you who keep a faith, stop making your faith look bad by using it as an excuse for ignorance. That’s right up there with the Catholic church and gas lamps. No one will believe anything you say if you keep spouting garbage.

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