Sovereign by Design – SCAM

I’ve run across a scam due to a dear friend of mine being sucked into this, first bringing it to my attention by asking me if I knew that I had money attached to my name at birth, and did I know that I was paying for stuff twice as the government had given me […]


Water CAN Be made

I was told recently that humans will never be able to make water, that it’s just not possible. I stopped dead from whatever I was doing and cocked my head to the side in bewilderment. They then stuttered out something about how God is the only one that can make water, making up a million […]


Fear Mongering Vegetarians

I have many vegetarian friends…well we’ll see after this, but I do hope they realize the point I’m trying to bring across, and that I’m not attacking their stand, but rather questioning the tactics used to pull people to their side, and to point out the fact that we’ve got a much bigger problem then […]