Artists & Vendors I Met at KFX 2019

Well I thought I’d start doing a little something different then just filing all those business cards away for when I need them next! I love meeting people at these events because they are so excited about what they have to share that it gets me excited TOO! I’m also pretty broke when I go to these things, and end up having to buy anything I wanted after the fact, so I always walk out with a little stack of business cards and a plan! However, I don’t want to hog all these awesome people to myself, so I’ll share my finds with you πŸ™‚ You’re welcome!


A lovely lady who enjoys to read out-loud, and won’t put you to sleep while doing so! I spent a half hour listening to her read, and it slipped by so fast! I’m normally not a huge fan of being read to, as most can’t read fast enough to keep my brain engaged. But she keeps you riveted with facial expressions and voice pitches that will keep you on the edge of your seat, till she leaves you with a cliff hanger and makes you buy the book πŸ˜‰ An amazing artist, worth the buy and the read! On the list!

Adult series –
Middle School to Young Adult –

The Okanagan Batman

I LOVE THIS GUY!!! Thank you for making the streets a better place by being the amazing guy you are!
It takes a lot to be Batman – and if you don’t think that, well you haven’t worn a sweaty costume for more then an hour, then pummeled by kids and people who are so excited to see their most favorite character! He always gets down on YOUR level, and will always JUMP at the opportunity to say ‘You’re awesome! WHY?! Because, I’m BATMAN!’ It takes faithfully doing the same thing every day hoping to make someone smile that gains respect, and allows him to go where he goes. πŸ™‚
Please keep being that Dark Knight, making sure our dark nights are safe πŸ™‚

Available for Parties, special Occasions, community events. Besides the bat signal can be reached at


Meta Dragon Art

A Freelance Artist, Tyler Florence has a passion and eye for art. Each one of his business cards sports personal artwork, as he wanted to give everyone who may have not been able to buy a piece of art something to take home with them πŸ™‚ He has an adorable Ruby art piece I have my eyes one, maybe we’ll see about next time!

Methods of Contact:


Random Acts of Costuming

I’ve been on the lookout for a way into the hospital to provide cheer and happiness to those who are stuck in bed, ever since I ran across ‘A Moment of Magic’ . If all goes well, you’ll see more of that in the future! #RAOCD

Connect with them on Facebook.

KLA Originals – The Sweater Lady!

I have wanted one of these for SO LONG!!! I hope to get a blue purple one done someday (My Warframe colors!)

Methods of Contact:


Also out and about was OTAFEST, promoting their event upcoming May 17-19th

Well that’s all folks! I’ll see you at the Penti-con! Tickets here!

And last but not least –

Sweetnam’s Nik Naks

I also ‘helped out’ my buddy’s (Felt like I stood there a lot and didn’t know what to do!) who were visiting all the way from Barriere at Sweetnam’s Nik Naks, a store they run with their dad Daniel, awesome guy! They are the other two original RWBY group starters here in the Okanagan πŸ™‚ They allowed my mum to sell her bags at their shop, so thankful!


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