I think you appear in this video look at it, Im really impressed confirms?

I have hopped on this one as soon as I got a message, I got this message below from a trusted friend on Facebook saying ‘Zipper emoji I think you appear in this video look at it, Im really impressed Zipper emoji confirms? which if clicked on takes you to a site which hacks your data and sends out the same message to all your friends.

Ok as I’ve said before:

First off – if I ever ‘send’ you something that has misspelling in it or improperly capitalized, and I don’t correct myself right away… it’s probably not me…I’d be rather dead then sending out horrifying spelling such as the above!

Second off – if I send you something that has a security certificate warning when you click into the browser and I don’t immediately explain myself (this is a rare occurrence, and more then likely we would be already working together in regards to me fixing your computer) it’s more then likely a scam, and I welcome you to question me on it!!!

Thirdly – (Please don’t take offense but) NEVER click past your browser security unless you know what you’re doing, this will prevent much unneeded headache for you and your friends.

Stay safe out there – Much love – SarahTonin

See last scam’s description here, cleverly titled, ‘Look what i found’

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