Updating Facebook Thumbnails

If you’ve ever posted a link from the same site on Facebook, you’ll sometimes notice that the preview image doesn’t match the data you know is on that site. To fix this, you’ll need to refresh your posts URL.

Why? you ask. Well, Facebook caches information that they took from their first scan of the page, and continues to draw on this information, until told to update!

Why doesn’t deleting and re-posting the link work? Facebook’s cache is holding that original scan the link, and will continue to give you and everyone else the same outdated preview.

How do you fix this???

There are three methods you can try to update Facebook’s cache, I have written one out here, with a link to the original article by John Doppler that showed me how to update it, as well as two more methods, which are a bit harder.

Step 1: Click the date and time stamp under your name at the top of the post.
Step 2: CLICK THE THREE DOTS In the upper right hand side of the post across From your name, and choose the “Refresh share attachment” option.

Step 3: Click Save

Step 4: Reload page and check!

-Original Article

Spam/scam-facebook chain mail

Dear friends:

If you ever receive a message stating something to the effect of ‘As of Saturday Morning Facebook will become chargeable. If you have at least 10 contacts, send them this message. In this way we will see that you are an avid user and your logo will turn blue () and will remain free. As discussed in the paper today’ – Please do not forward this spam mail on.

This rumor is nothing new, and is thought to have originated on MSN messenger back in 2008. I’ve received this message countless times through the years, and hope by posting this I can save someone a few spam messages.

It’s not just the fact it’s an annoying message, it’s the fact some of them can be harmful, and could be capturing your username, password and whatever other info it’s programmed to gather. You the receiver have a responsibility to ensure you don’t spread on a potentially malicious attack!

For more information and tips in preventing rumors from spreading or malicious attacks from occurring, click here.

Phones and Messaging in the Modern world

Remember the good old days when you got 1 LETTER, and that 1 letter you’d carefully reply with a well worded response? This is still how I view anything sent to me in written form, and if I feel I don’t have the time and energy that message deserves to be answered with, I don’t answer until said time and energy arrives.

Now, with our tracking within message apps to ensure someone has seen our message, I must often times refrain from opening a message, because if I do, the person watching that message thinks I am ignoring them (which I rightfully am allowed) and they start the annoying tirade of messages, ‘HELLO’ (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BTW) ‘Did you see this’, a complete rewording of their first question, 10 more messages I have to answer, or the old timer favorite copy and RESEND.

Wow Sarah, you may say, ‘That’s rude’. Well let me explain to you why I just don’t think you’re right.

When I first got a phone, I watched it like a hawk because I knew anything coming through that was probably important. I was on call for my job, and besides family emergencies, that was all I ever got called about. 

But then, I started texting this one person who would freak out if I didn’t respond right away. I was accused of many things during that period, and I found myself tied to my phone like a ball and chain. If I didn’t respond within a minute of the message being sent, I’d get another one saying I must be cheating or something to that effect. I turned off all message tracking in an effort to stop some of this, but it only got worse, the reality of how ridiculous it had gotten only hit me when I was out with my sister and had to start sending pictures of where I was so I’d stop being accused. 

So maybe I’m a little burned, but maybe I just learned a valuable lesson as to not let somebody have that kind of power over me, to not feel guilty when someone tries to guilt trip me into answering and to allow myself the time required to come up with the answer that person deserves.

The reason I bring this forward is I see the tendencies within many throughout our modern day world, trapping our partners and friends in requiring an answer your every waking moment and thought. That is not a responsibility that should ever be put on anyone, especially if they don’t ask for it. Maybe talk about it with yourself first and see if it’s even worth bringing forward, then if it is, how about you use proper punctuation and spelling instead of flinging off messages  halfheartedly. I get super distracted reading a message that looks like a five-year old sent it to me. If you’re upset and messaging in emotion, maybe take a moment and settle down before firing it off.

Communication is the fastest it’s ever been, but us humans still need to take time to THINK before we respond. So rest assured if you send me a message and it doesn’t get answered right away, that it will get answered with the best part of me in due time.

Maybe if we all allowed each other the time to put our best foot forward, who knows, maybe this world will be one step closer to a better place!

The Privileges of Modern Day Communication

Last year Facebook asked me what’s on my mind, and when it came up in my memories, I thought I’d share my thoughts from then.

Social media, and and other forms of networking.
-How they changed how we get to know one another.

In our modern era, the topics of ‘How dangerous social media can be’ and ‘You don’t really know who is on the other end’ are very prominent. I’m not denying cons such as the ones mentioned above, but I’d like to show some pros on the matter.

I sometimes (most times *cough*) have a problem expressing myself out loud, often leading people to confusion of what I am trying to say.

The capability to type out a sentence, look it over, maybe reword, then hit send and have our words travel instantly around the globe is something we did not have in the past. With our safety net of technology, it allows us to feel comfortable in expressing our innermost thoughts. Through this we are able to deliberate our thoughts in almost essay like texts, emails and posts that let others see things they may never have been able to hear from you in person, as sometimes certain topics can be to personal to say outloud.

Also, as a busy gal, with a lot of hard working busy friends, (whom I appreciate so much but sadly never get to spend the quality time I wish with each one of them), having the ability to open up Facebook, and see them enjoying themselves and loving life, is thrilling!!! And when one is feeling down, being able to send one a message, or post a word of encouragement, even if our lives our too busy to arrange a face to face, we still get to keep in touch.

And well…Facebook asked…;-)