Windows 10 apps not letting you type?

So you start up your computer, click your chrome or another browser open, typing all fine and dandy, then you decide you want to open up the start menu, and press the windows key….to no avail! Funny…you know your keyboard is working…but…what gives? You try opening and typing in other apps such as notepad, this works, however, you can’t type in your To Do list (A Windows 10 App), it doesn’t make any sense! However, BEFORE you start pulling out your hair and troubleshooting and repairing your computer like this article from Microsoft said to do, check out this little fix!

Press Win key + R simultaneously and right click paste ctfmon.exe in it. In case you cannot type in the search bar, then right-click on Win key and select Command Prompt (Admin). Type ctfmon.exe in it and press Enter. Once done, check if your start key, Calculator, Search and other Windows 10 Apps now allow typing.

Hopefully this fixes your issue, but if not, move on with the next fix in this article.

Happy typing!! – SarahTonin

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