Tuesday Tips – Basic Planning!! – Vol 13

I’ve been asked many times – Sarah – How do you do so much!? How do you stay on top of it all?! I think to get these answers – We have to start at the beginning! Before easy access lists and calendars within our phones existed, my daddy always used a ‘Brownline‘ for home […]


Windows 10 apps not letting you type?

So you start up your computer, click your chrome or another browser open, typing all fine and dandy, then you decide you want to open up the start menu, and press the windows key….to no avail! Funny…you know your keyboard is working…but…what gives? You try opening and typing in other apps such as notepad, this […]


Updating Facebook Thumbnails

If you’ve ever posted a link from the same site on Facebook, you’ll sometimes notice that the preview image doesn’t match the data you know is on that site. To fix this, you’ll need to refresh your posts URL. Why? you ask. Well, Facebook caches information that they took from their first scan of the […]