Throwback Thursday – New Photo! – Story behind the Photo – Vol 1

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’ve uploaded another edited Raven photo!

The story behind this photo was Halloween hit 2020, and we had a small bubble of people we had around. We were living in a basement room with three cats and a bunny due to a flood in our Suite, our stuff crammed into the garage where we used to live, but I really wanted to dress up as Raven for a stream, and it was Halloween weekend! I not only dressed as Raven, but later as Harley, and even though it was interesting times due to the situation present, I was able to get some great shots and most of all HAVE FUN!

Apologies, this got up a little later then I hoped, it was a long day at work, but I had fun and once off shift, got to create this fun little piece!

Hope you enjoy!

Much Love – SarahTonin

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